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Mr. Jon Michael Darga

Aevitas Creative Management

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Jon Michael Darga

Aevitas Creative Management

19 West 21st Street, Suite 501
New York, NY 10010
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This agent is seeking the following genres:


Family Saga
Literary Fiction
  • Romance, Contemporary
Young Adult
  • Young Adult, Contemporary
  • Young Adult, Mystery
  • Young Adult, Romance


Cultural/Social Issues
Humor/Gift Book
Pop Culture
True Adventure/Crime
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/22/2023 11:31 AM
Polite personalized rejection, subject matter not something they are interested in.
03/14/2023 03:02 PM
Queried: 03/13
Rejected: 03/14
Form rejection, not personalized feedback as others have been lucky to receive.
"Thank you so much for considering me to represent your work. Unfortunately, I don't think that (novel) is a good fit for my list at this time, but I wish you the very best of luck in your querying journey.
03/10/2023 12:39 PM
Queried: 3/9

Although I my manuscript was rejected I am glad I queried Jon. He gave great feedback, letting me know my query read more speculative than the contemporary romance I've written. It will help me alter my query moving forward. Whoever works with Jon is lucky!
03/07/2023 01:05 PM
Queried - 2/23..Rejected 2/24 but as others have said I am glad he actually gave feedback. I wish more would!

Dear Morgan,

Thank you so much for considering me to represent your work. Unfortunately, I don't think that (NOVEL) is a good fit for my list at this time -- I didn't quite connect with all of the POVs, which is definitely a subjective thing... I tend to skew more towards books with one POV! -- but I wish you the very best of luck in your querying journey.

All my best,
03/02/2023 02:56 PM
Does Mr. Darga rep YA contemporary fantasy? I went to submit under QT and saw only YA romance, contemporary, or Mystery. Mine is a mashup up several genres- contemporary fantasy, romance, and horror. Does anyone know if I should submit it? I wonder if I should submit under contemporary fantasy as it is set in a contemporary setting albeit with some fantastical elements and horror. hmmm.
03/01/2023 04:16 AM
Q: 2/28/23
R: Same Day, hours later

Kind and helpful. Personalized.
02/24/2023 03:58 PM
Query: 02/23/2023
Rejection: 02/24/2023
Appreciated that he gave me a specific reason for passing
02/12/2023 03:16 PM
Query: 1/31/23
Rejection: 2/1/23
YA urban fantasy
I appreciate taking the time to give a personalized rejection with his reasons for passing
02/04/2023 07:25 AM
Q: Feb. 3/23
Rejection same day but personalized, which I appreciate.
02/03/2023 09:24 PM
Q: 02/03/2023
Same day rejection
01/30/2023 03:39 PM
EQ:30 jan 2023
ER:30 jan 2023
My bad, I swear I saw childrens in his genres, but I saw 3 different profiles, got confuse. Sorry. Polite and gentle.

Thank you so much for querying me with .................. Unfortunately, I don't represent middle grade, but wish you the very best of luck on your journey to publication.

All my best,
01/30/2023 11:36 AM
EQ: 27 Jan 23
R: 30 Jan 23
Very kind, complimentary and prompt rejection!
01/30/2023 03:32 AM
EQ: 30 jan 2023
Upper middle grade horror 49k
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
01/29/2023 04:58 PM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
01/26/2023 06:00 AM
Very polite and prompt TBNT (thanks but no thanks).
01/25/2023 03:36 PM
5 hours, form rejection.

It never fails. I see some entry on QT on what great rejections so-and-so sends, and I end up getting the same patronizing little pat on the head I get from everyone else. Maybe I just don't spend enough time kissing ass on Twitter.
01/20/2023 06:04 PM
From Jon on Twitter:
I’m seeing some speculation on QueryTracker (yes, agents are way too nosy and curious not to check our own pages), so just want to be very clear: unless the query is in a genre I don’t represent, I read every letter and dip into the sample pages for every query I receive!
01/19/2023 02:21 PM
Same quick form rejection as others. Too questioning if the writing was even read.
01/18/2023 09:59 AM
Very fast and polite form rejection, I think maybe 5-6 hours... I can't imagine Jon dove into the sample I've sent.
Fiction novel 79K in Hebrew (sample translated into English, of course).
1/18/23 form sub. and rej.
01/13/2023 05:12 PM
Jon responded within a day and let me down easy, explaining why he wasn't the right fit. It was the most constructive and positive rejection I've received so far, and I appreciate it.
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01/29/2023 - Genres updated.
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