Introducing a new writing tool from the maker of QueryTracker.
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Introducing a new writing tool from the maker of QueryTracker. Learn More...

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Success Stories

Interviews with authors who found their agents on QT.
Many interviews will contain the actual query letter that landed their agent.
Marissa Spear signed with Daniele Hunter of McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
K.M. Veohongs signed with Hana El Niwairi of Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
M.A. Seaman signed with Andie Smith of The Booker Albert Literary Agency
Lauren Khan signed with Pamela Harty of The Knight Agency, Inc.
Jaramy Conners signed with Melanie Figueroa of Root Literary

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Most Recent Additions

The 5 Newest Agents to Our Database
06/21/2024  Laura Heathfield of Greenstone Literary
06/20/2024  Jack Fogg of DunnFogg
06/20/2024  Ben Dunn of DunnFogg
06/20/2024  Rebecca Winfield of David Luxton Associates
06/20/2024  Nick Walters of David Luxton Associates

Most Recent Updates

The 5 Latest Agent Updates
06/22/2024  Morgan Hughes of FinePrint Literary Management Closed to queries.
06/22/2024  Kaitlyn Sanchez of Bradford Literary Agency Closed to queries.
06/21/2024  Tanera Simons of Greenstone Literary Changed agencies. Formerly with Darley Anderson Literary.
06/21/2024  Saskia Leach of Kate Nash Literary Agency Closed to queries.
06/21/2024  Lucy Balfour of William Morris Endeavor Closed to queries.

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