Ms. Antoinette Van Sluytman

Looking Glass Literary & Media

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Antoinette Van Sluytman

Looking Glass Literary & Media

New York, NY
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02/13/2024 10:29 PM
Queried on 2/12, Adult Fantasy 107k

If decolonizing equals burning down an awful system, my book hopefully draws her attention.

I’m already past her one day response average for a full. It’s a cold world out there folks!!!!
02/12/2024 11:34 AM
That definitely sounds like something to look into. I'm thinkin' of giving up querying for Lent. I wanna be happy this spring. I know it's more than a month away at this point but, luck o' the Irish to the rest of you! And thanks for all the info, RD. Signing off.
02/10/2024 05:49 PM
Amazon's KDP is on the top of the list. I'm familiar with the process (I published a fun fact book I wrote and illustrated and a nautical history book I co-wrote with my father on there five or so years ago), and last year, they started offering hardcover as a 3rd option for publishing (the other two being e-book and softcover), which gives better variety. The other advantage is that, when you set your price and determine what royalty amount you want to get, even if Amazon later lowers the sale price for your book, you still get the royalty rate for the price that you set, even if the adjusted sale price is below that.
I read about one writer who had her book put on sale on Amazon for a period at a price that turned out to actually be lower than what she would have had to pay for author copies, so she ordered a ton of her own book to use at conventions and book fairs and ended up actually making money on the process because the royalties for each book were higher than the price she paid for them.
02/10/2024 10:45 AM
RD, what platform are you thinking of using to publish?
02/10/2024 08:02 AM
After doing a bit of research on her and discovering that she's soon to be teaching a creative writing class and says the following in the bio:
"Ms. Van Sluytman lectures on the literary circuit, including at writing conventions and events, about the essence of decolonizing fiction and countering literary imperialism in the industry."
Followed by this in the Instructor Statement:
"I plan to use the principles of anticolonial pedagogy as a tool of upending westernized literary hegemony in our Creative Writing classrooms."
followed by:
" I believe SFF can be a tool of cultural reclamation for those affected by colonialism as well as a cathartic lens for writers of the diaspora."
I have decided that that's more than enough to let me know that it's best if I just add her to my "Do not query" list, because this whole "decolonization of fiction" thing seems to be a real sticking point for her, and I'd probably be wasting my time querying her.
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