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Mr. Eddie Schneider

JABberwocky Literary Agency

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Eddie Schneider

JABberwocky Literary Agency

49 W. 45th St., #12th Floor
New York, NY 10036-4603
AALA Member:
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Family Saga
  • Fantasy, Contemporary/Urban
  • Fantasy, Magical Realism
Graphic Novel
Literary Fiction
Middle Grade
  • Middle Grade, Contemporary
  • Middle Grade, Fantasy
  • Middle Grade, Historical
  • Middle Grade, Literary
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Science Fiction
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  • Young Adult, Fantasy
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  • Young Adult, Science Fiction


Cultural/Social Issues
Current Affairs/Politics
Pop Culture
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/29/2023 02:40 AM
EQ: 11/30
Resent via QM: 3/26/23
FR: 3/28 - if you were waiting on on emailed submission, def. consider querying via QM

70k adult scifi
Edit: I think I got caught in the crossover - maybe I'll sub on QM

03/21/2023 11:39 AM
Q: 03/20/2023
Rejected next day

YA Fantasy

I noticed he hasn't requested any materials in more than 2 years...

03/21/2023 09:23 AM
FQ 3/19
FR 3/21

"I greatly appreciate the opportunity to consider your query—thanks for sending it.

Unfortunately, the query didn't appeal quite enough to my own tastes to inspire me to offer representation or further consideration of your project. I wish I had the time to respond to everyone with constructive criticism, but it would be overwhelming, hence this form response.

This business is highly subjective; many people whose work I haven't connected with have gone on to critical and commercial success. So, keep after it.

I am grateful that you have afforded me this opportunity to find out about you and your project, and wish you the best of success with your current and future creative work.

All best wishes"
03/21/2023 09:11 AM
Initial query sent: 11/21/2022
Nudge sent: 02/23/2023
Re-queried: 03/20/2023
Form rejection: 03/21/2023

Adult urban fantasy, 102k words.
03/09/2023 02:47 PM
FQ: 3/7
FR: 3/9

80K Fantasy
03/06/2023 02:16 PM
So if you're in that batch when he was doing the transition from email to QueryManager, send again via QM. I got a rejection the next day :( But honestly, better a form reply than no reply!
03/06/2023 02:00 PM
He hasn't requested any material, partial or full, for almost 2 years, though there might be outliers from in-person or non-tracked

Also khornstein-- awful agent is a holdover from the JABberwock agency. The entire agency website is awfulagent(dot)com.
03/03/2023 03:22 PM
I saw a few submissions in January that looked to be passed over at the time he was switching to QueryManager. So I re-submitted today via QM. I changed the title of my book so I hope he's not totally confused! :) I also re-thought my pitch a bit...thought I might as well try it out on him. I am not sure why he bills himself as "awful agent??"
02/25/2023 08:56 PM
@SaraphinaMarie I am in the same boat. And I've also thought of sending my query again through QM because I'm at 109 days and no response yet.
02/22/2023 04:30 PM
Query & rejection on the same day. He's fast for an ultramarathon runner. :)
02/21/2023 03:05 PM
FQ: 2/18/23
Form Rejection:2/21/23

128k urban fantasy
02/16/2023 11:47 AM
EQ: 9/14/22
CNR: 11/9/22 after 8 weeks
FR: 2/16/23

201k adult fantasy romance
02/09/2023 09:16 AM
FQ: 2/7/23
Polite FR: 2/9/23

YA sci-fi 95k
02/06/2023 09:47 PM
2/6 query submitted

YA fantasy
01/31/2023 10:06 AM
Form query: 1/27/23 80k adult speculative retelling (received auto-receipt email)
Generic rejection: 1/31/23
01/31/2023 09:30 AM
@SaraphinaMarie - I did that (resent through QM) and got a response via QM in a few days, and it had been 50 since my email.
01/29/2023 03:43 PM
Form query 1/29/2023 76K speculative fiction
01/27/2023 02:44 PM
FQ: 1/19/23
Contemporary Fiction 100k

FR: 1/24/23
01/26/2023 01:37 PM
So I'm in the last batch of emailed queries before he went to QM. Looking at his stats, it seems like most of these get ghosted, but he replies to the QM forms pretty quickly. I'd rather know than not know so I can close tabs and move on...I wonder if it would be worth resending my query through the QM form?
He did say he would attend to the backlog of emails...but hasn't. Query's been with him a month at this point.
01/17/2023 11:47 AM
Form letter rejection about two hours after querying.
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