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Ms. Jennifer Mattson

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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Jennifer Mattson

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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Yes (Visit Site)
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Graphic Novel
Middle Grade
  • Middle Grade, Contemporary
  • Middle Grade, Fantasy
  • Middle Grade, Historical
  • Middle Grade, Literary
  • Middle Grade, Mystery
  • Middle Grade, Science Fiction
Picture Book
Young Adult
  • Young Adult, Contemporary
  • Young Adult, Fantasy
  • Young Adult, Historical
  • Young Adult, Literary
  • Young Adult, Mystery
  • Young Adult, Romance
  • Young Adult, Science Fiction


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Known Clients (current & past)
Linda Ashman
Jenny Meyerhoff
Kimberly Norman
Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/08/2023 10:09 PM
form query 3/3/23
form rejection 3/8/23

100k ya fantasy

"Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to read-. I've now had a chance to review your submission, and unfortunately, I've made the decision to pass. That said, this is a notoriously subjective business and another agent may well feel differently.

Thanks again for your query. I wish you all the best as you continue your search for representation—and in all of your writing endeavors."
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
02/15/2023 08:20 PM
Profile Update: Open to queries. Genres updated.
10/11/2022 09:19 PM
Just listened to Jennifer Laughran's podcast (Literaticast) and it said that we can NOW query more than one agent at their agency. Just a three agent limit. Yeah, man!
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
12/20/2021 02:07 PM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
11/26/2021 11:34 PM
EQ (online form) 9/9/21
11/22/2021 07:29 PM
EQ-10/25/21 Subbed a 330 word PB ms via QueryManager per agency guidelines. I received a confirmation email later that day..
10/23/2021 08:12 PM
Not sure why Robin in the comment below pasted that information here. It's on Andrea Brown's website and many other places online. I was looking for comments related to submissions like acceptances, types of rejections and time frame responses. Just saying.
09/25/2021 05:06 PM
Jennifer represents authors, illustrators, and author-illustrators who bring a distinct point of view to their work, and who tell stories with multiple layers. In middle grade and YA both, her heart beats faster for stories that cascade from a mind-expanding premise. She also loves survival stories and losing herself in Dickensian sagas (WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE!), and enjoys watching characters puzzle their way through problems. She has a special soft spot for middle grade about resilient kids sorting out the messiness of life.
07/23/2021 09:42 PM
EQ (online form) 7/23/21
05/08/2021 11:36 AM
I submitted my Picture Book through their form which said I would get a confirmation of "received" to my email. But so far, I haven't, so I don't know if she has even received my form or not.
04/19/2021 06:06 PM
I’m guessing she’s ignoring the Jan. queries, based on the info. on here. It doesn’t make sense.
04/18/2021 12:44 PM
EQ - 3/4/21 (online form)
ER - 4/18/21

A very kind, personalized rejection. She also shared my work with her colleague who did not like it enough to sign me but read my query and excerpt too, which was also very kind even if ultimately the news was bad. They seem like nice people over there!

YA - 96k
04/12/2021 10:27 AM
Has anyone who queried through query manager sent a nudge to her regular email? I sent a nudge through the form, but I wonder if she reads her regular emails before reading the query manager queries.
03/20/2021 05:50 PM
JustinJoseph -- I heard back after 74 days. She apologized for the delay. I think she is quite backlogged.
03/14/2021 07:26 PM
EQ: 3/1/21
ER: 3/14/21 - really nice, helpful, personalized rejection! It does hurt to know I was so close, but I'm super grateful!

99k YA fantasy
03/14/2021 04:48 PM
Received a personalized rejection after 221 days, but it was without a doubt the kindest rejection I have ever received. Plus, I'd made a rookie mistake and submitted a novel with a word count that was certainly too high for a debut, but she still took the time to respond to the content of the story rather than just give an automatic "no" based on word count alone, and I really appreciate the time she took to do that.
03/14/2021 11:13 AM
Waited 8 months for a form rejection...
03/12/2021 12:59 PM
FQ - 3/6/21
PB - 900 words
Patrick (Admin)
03/01/2021 01:22 PM
ncnantais, she opened up her QueryManager form, which is a lot faster and easier to do than updating a website . So that's probably coming, they just have to coordinate with their web developer.
03/01/2021 11:57 AM
ABLA website still says she's closed. Are you sure she's open?
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02/15/2023 - Open to queries. Genres updated.
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