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Robin Straus

Robin Straus Agency, Inc.

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Robin Straus

Robin Straus Agency, Inc.

229 East 79th Street
New York, NY 10075
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Literary Fiction
Women's Fiction


Current Affairs/Politics
Pop Culture
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/20/2023 05:12 PM
EQ 2/4
Notified offer of rep 3/7
Danielle Matta full request 3/8 said she would read by deadline
Kind rejection 3/20
12/14/2022 09:41 PM
12/14/22 Because there are so many agents that don't respond to their slush piles at all, I was grateful to at least receive a form letter rejection regarding my memoir (after 82 days, with the same verbiage hsdonnelly stated in a previous comment).
09/27/2022 01:58 PM
EQ: 7/9/22 Adult Fantasy Realism 95K
ER: 9/26/22
09/13/2022 06:47 PM
06/27/2022 07:01 PM
EQ 2022-04-25 (Lit, Hist, Humour) 98K
Rej 2022-06-27 "sorry to report to you that we will not ask to consider the work for representation . . . we've learned to trust our instincts about whether there would be a good fit between a particular writer and us. We certainly recognize that we might well be passing up a good opportunity."

Maybe a form rejection. But sounds like at least they were not quibbling about the writing.

Rejection came 3 weeks after the "six weeks" they had indicated I would hear from them. So that is interesting.
05/23/2022 09:50 AM
Email query 5/6
Nudge with offer 5/19
Partial Request 5/20
Kind, personal rejection on 5/23

76k psych thriller
04/15/2022 05:44 PM
EQ: 23 March, 2022
ER: 15 April, 2022

Very kind form rejection email from Danielle Matta.

Adult 83k LitFic
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
03/09/2022 04:55 PM
Profile Update: Open to queries. Thanks anotherearth
03/07/2022 12:45 PM
Robin Straus is OPEN to queries. Submission requirements here: https://www.robinstrausagency.com/submissions
11/30/2021 09:35 AM
It appears that Robin Straus has acquired the Wallace Literary Agency, and that it's Wallace that's no longer considering new clients.
04/28/2021 08:43 AM
Query, annotated table of contents, prologue, and chapter 1 sent 12/6/20 (agent was open to queries then) for 135k true crime/me too memoir.

1/26/21 "we will not ask to represent this" email.
03/13/2021 04:33 PM
EQ: 11/11/2020
ER: 3/11/2020

Women's Fic 91K
02/23/2021 02:22 AM
Her website is throwing an error page and I can't find an alternate site on the internet.
11/28/2020 05:50 PM
Adult female-driven fantasy-mag realism, 88k 11/28/20
11/03/2020 10:40 AM
13 day form rejection.
Same form as everyone else's.
08/28/2020 09:59 AM
comm fic 08/16
denied 08/28
06/23/2019 02:44 PM
EQ 8/3/18 (Diplomatic Immunity)
ER 8/7/18 (Passed--can't offer rep)

10/13/18: EQ 8/23/18 (2nd/final Requery Venom)
ER 10/10/18 (Passed--no reason)

12/2/18: EQ 11/14/18 (2nd Requery Chain Reaction)
ER 11/20/18 (Passed--can't offer rep)

Eq 1/11/19 (Requery Diplomatic Immunity)
ER 2/4/19 (Passed--can't offer rep)

4/20/19: 2/21/19 (3rd/final requery Chain Reaction)
CNR 4/16/19 (No word from nudges)

6/23/19: EQ 6/21/19 (2nd/final requery Diplomatic Immunity)--same day rejection from Katelyn (no requeries, which is different--same rejection as before--can't offer rep)
07/19/2018 09:30 AM
EQ 6/13/2018 historical 73K
ER 6/25/2018 form
05/11/2018 06:20 PM
EQ: 3/29/18
ER: 5/11/18
Form letter, almost 6 weeks to the day, which is what they say; signed by Katelyn Hales, not Robin Straus
08/01/2017 03:44 PM
EQ 7/26/17 (requery Chain Reaction)
ER 7/31/17 (Passed-not a good fit.) Will try her with DI later this fall.
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Last Update:
03/09/2022 - Open to queries.
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