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Mr. Joshua Bilmes

JABberwocky Literary Agency

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Joshua Bilmes

JABberwocky Literary Agency

49 W. 45th St., #12th Floor
New York, NY 10036-4603
AALA Member:
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  • Fantasy, Contemporary/Urban
Graphic Novel
Science Fiction


Pop Culture
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/15/2023 09:23 AM
EQ 8/15/22
Partial Request 2/16/23, sent 3/15/23
124K SFF

Also @vickshi that's me lol
03/14/2023 07:48 AM
EQ 9/16/22
Partial Request 3/13/23

110K SciFi/Fantasy

"Thank you for the opportunity to consider your query. I sincerely apologize for the delay in my reply; I try to stay on top of my query box but I am afraid that sometimes the volume of submissions makes it difficult to give a timely response to everyone who submits to me.

This sounds very interesting—I'd be happy to look at the first 15 pages of THE FOREBEAR CHRONICLES, if it's still available. You may also send a 1-2 page synopsis. If you could send the pages as a Word Doc / PDF, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading your work. "
03/03/2023 07:56 AM
Query 8/26
Form rejection 3/2

"Thank you for sending your work for my consideration. My sincerest apologies for the delay in my reply; I try to stay on top of my query inbox but the volume of submissions often makes it difficult to send timely responses.

Unfortunately, this query isn't a good fit for me and I cannot offer further consideration of your project."
03/02/2023 07:30 PM
EQ: 2022/08/24
Rej: 2023/03/02 (form)
02/22/2023 02:11 PM
QM query: 9Dec
Form rejection: 20Feb
Dear ___,
Thank you for sending your work for my consideration. Unfortunately, this query isn't a good fit for me and I cannot offer further consideration of your project.
Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to learn more about you and your work. I hope you find the right representation and I wish you the best of luck on your journey to publication.
Best regards,
Joshua Bilmes
02/09/2023 11:14 AM
FQ: 12/4/22
Full request (sent same day): 2/9/23

160k queer sci-fi retelling
01/23/2023 02:00 PM
Email Query: 3.15.2022
Partial Request: 7.25.2022 Sent same day.
Nudge with updated pages and news of positive contest results 12.13.2022.
Still no response as of 1.19.2023
Rejected 1/23/23, personalized and thoughtful + helpful feedback.

Was surprised part of the feedback on a mystery was “got into the plot a little too quickly.” But, will keep moving forward.

81K Mystery
01/23/2023 01:11 PM
EQ: 3/12/22
Partial Request:(15 Pgs & synopsis): 7/25/22
Nudged: 10/25/22
Rejection: 1/23/2023
Speculative Fic: 72K
01/17/2023 08:45 AM
EQ: 6/18/22
PR: 1/16/23 (First 15 Pages & Synopsis)

Adult Urban Fantasy: 88k
12/20/2022 03:16 PM
EQ: 10/13/22

100k word adult contemporary fantasy
12/05/2022 02:19 PM
Thanks so much!
12/04/2022 10:41 PM
@MFeuerman Joshua answered the question here https://twitter.com/jake_stollman/status/1598423905076748288?t=mEjfjYC3USBikDSZDpJ49g&s=19 seems there's no need to re-send
12/03/2022 07:24 AM
Some advice please.
I queried Mr. Bilmes via email when that was what he wanted. Now he's using query manager and is asking for a synopsis and pages. It's been a long time, but the man takes a long time, and that's fine with me. Should I withdraw the email and resubmit using the form? Anyone else considering this?
12/01/2022 06:08 PM
11/09/20: EQ (E-mail) by referral
11/10/20: Partial request (asking for assistant to be CCed), ~50 pages (submitted same day)
2/5/21: Withdrew submission for Author Mentor Match (no reply)
11/19/21: Resubmitted sample after AMM (no reply)
5/29/22: Met Joshua Bilmes in person at Balticon 2022; re-sent ~50-page sample and obtained feedback for R&R (fairly brief/simple instructions, mostly trimming unnecessary words)
6/14/22: Revision submitted (shortening the sample by ~10%), Joshua confirmed receipt 6/15
6/20/22: In-depth revision request, pretty exciting, lots of content-specific recommendations!
7/29/22: Submitted revision
9/4/22: Discussed further revisions at WorldCon 2022, with a full manuscript request
10/12/22: Submitted full manuscript
11/2/22: Nudge with offer of representation. I knew that even now, or especially since we hadn't revised past ~60 pages, it'd likely be a decline, so I sent a longer note thanking him for his time. He said he'd get back to me by my deadline.
12/1/22: VERY very kind, personalized rejection.

> I’m going to officially step back.
> It’s not an easy call, because you’re a great writer with a great premise for a book.
> But I can’t let go of my own personal preference for something that’s a little more - as the film people might say - “grounded” in the original concept. I checked around the office to see if there’s a colleague of mine who’d want to step up, but without success. [...]
> I’m so glad that you have an offer of representation for [title], and am glad to have been of some help along the way. When everything’s settled, I’ll be curious to know who’s lucky to be repping this one, and I look forward to watching as you write many more successful chapters.

118k LGBTQ sci-fi thriller (currently cut to 111k as of 7/22)

Like Clay Harmon, I highly recommend pitching him in person, especially if he made a request.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
12/01/2022 04:59 PM
Profile Update: Now using QueryManager. Genres updated.
11/16/2022 07:18 PM
I've had my query out to him for 155 days and even nudged him... no response. Is it better to just CNR this query?

I think mine was just deleted. I met him at a Kaffeklatsch in 2021 and, though my novel isn't exactly in his genre preference, he told me to query him. But oh well... I'll probably just close this one.
11/13/2022 05:24 PM
Query: March 1 2022
Partial Request: July 18 2022
Nudge w/ offer of rep: November 1 2022

Update November 13: I've nudged twice now. Have heard from other people that he doesn't tend to reply to nudges, even for a request, even for an offer of rep. Oh well.
11/11/2022 09:36 AM
I guess I'll give him a nudge. I'd rather have a rejection so I can query my next novel than be in limbo. Thanks :D
11/09/2022 04:42 PM
@KathrynFaye007, he doesn't seem to answer very many at all, actually, according to the Timeline feature.
11/08/2022 07:26 PM
Does anyone know if Mr. Bilmes answers ALL his queries? Mine's been unanswered for 147 days and I'm not sure if I should just close this one out. He seemed so nice in person.
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12/01/2022 - Now using QueryManager. Genres updated.
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