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Ms. Olivia Blumer

The Blumer Literary Agency

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Olivia Blumer

The Blumer Literary Agency

809 West 181 Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10033
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General Fiction


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Joan Anderson
Joyce Hinnefeld
Heather Newton
Sarah Turnbull
Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
09/06/2021 09:23 PM
AAR also says queries by referral only, and I guess those should be sent by snail mail. I don't like Querymanager, because I can't upload photos, but I deal with it when necessary. But I can't see myself ever sending a snail mail query again.
07/26/2021 11:32 AM
eq; 6/9/21
CNR: 7/26/21
03/13/2021 11:22 PM
Both agentquery and the AAR web site says she prefers snail mail queries.
08/12/2018 04:48 PM
EQ 6/1/18 (Diplomatic Immunity)
ER 8/7/18 (Passed from nudge--not taking any new clients.)

Patrick, I think you should close her out now.
05/12/2018 03:44 PM
EQ: 5/12/2018 business
05/09/2018 04:09 PM
Eq 8/29/17 (Requery Venom)
CNR 9/21/17 (No word from nudge.)

5/9/18: EQ 2/9/18 (REQUERY Chain Reaction)
CNR 5/9/18 (No word from nudges.)
06/09/2017 09:22 AM
Queried via snail mail 6/9/17, literary mystery 89,500 words
06/13/2016 03:06 PM
I am also not sure if this agency is still active. Last deal on Publishers Marketplace is from April 2013. Decided not to query.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
04/28/2015 08:21 AM
Profile Update: Now taking email queries. (Thanks lvcabbie)
04/27/2015 04:31 PM
Now accepts email queries

Submission guidelines A one page letter. Two pages tops. No sample chapters or attachments. We do not open attachments from strangers.

Summarize your book and provide your biographical information. If we are interested in more material,we will contact you. With hard copy queries, please provide SASE for response.

A hint: in general, we are more scrupulous about reading and answering hard copy queries than e-queries.
01/09/2015 01:11 PM
Anyone know if this agent/agency is still active? Most posts/comments I've found on the internet, and their Facebook page, are at least two years old.
03/29/2012 10:05 PM
I've seen this email address for her on the web elsewhere: livblumer@earthlink.net. Is this a querying address? Has anyone successfully queried via email? I'm not sure what to make of people who don't take email queries. Is this a sign they're very serious and want to keep out riff-raff who can't be bothered to print out a letter? Or does it mean the agent is hopelessly behind the times and might be out of touch with the industry's shift toward e-everything?
01/26/2012 01:29 PM
Wow, that is rough. Even 'Dear Author' is better than that.
01/26/2012 01:10 PM
Received a form rejection that began: "Dear Sir or Madam."
I do not expect much from an agent that I am sending a query letter to, but it would be nice if they could take the time to notice whether I am male or female. At the very least they could leave that line off of their standard form letter. It kind of rendered everything else in the letter meaningless.

Oh well. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I will find someone I am sure.
06/21/2011 07:37 PM
See her page at http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/BillBlumer/ . Bill is her husband. I know nothing more.

05/05/2011 06:40 AM
Yikes Trudy! That's weird. Sorry to hear that.
01/29/2011 02:19 PM
On 1/19, I've sent them a query. Today, I got the same postcard rejection reply, stating "although my ms is interesting, it's not appropriate for my list."

On 4/12, I've sent her my query. Today, I've heard back from them. Same response as in January. See above.
11/04/2010 03:55 PM
Query sent by snail mail 10/25; snail made his way back with a rejection postcard 11/4.
09/17/2010 08:09 AM
"Dear Sir or Madam" post card size rejection.
05/20/2010 11:41 AM
My partial did arrive there and I got an email a week later asking for the full manuscript, which I sent yesterday by snail mail.
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