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Ms. Kim Lionetti

BookEnds, LLC

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Kim Lionetti

BookEnds, LLC

136 Long Hill Rd.
Gillette, NJ 07933
AALA Member:
Yes (Visit Site)
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New Adult
  • Romance, Comedy
  • Romance, Contemporary
  • Romance, Historical
  • Romance, Paranormal
  • Romance, Thriller/Suspense
Women's Fiction
  • Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
  • Young Adult, Romance


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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/20/2023 02:20 PM
EQ 3/2
Notified offer of rep 3/7
Full request 3/8
Very kind rejection 3/20
02/23/2023 07:40 PM
Submitted form: 2/16/2023
Form Rejection: 2/23/2023
Contemporary Romance
02/22/2023 10:25 PM
Form query: 16th April 2022
Form rejection: 19th April 2022
**Note the above based on query only**
#LovePit request: 17th May 2022
Full MS submitted: 18th May 2022

**Update: Form rejection after 280 days of full submission! Repping work that must have that 'feel'.*

**I had since revised my MS, while I could be in her 'Maybe piles'. But the agent's QT message only accept notification on 'Withdrawal' or 'Offer of Rep'. Seemingly, this agent has a lot of fulls to consider.**

90K adult contemporary romance (revised to 89K)
02/22/2023 05:39 AM
@Avramides I was literally refreshing my browser every 30 seconds until her manager opened. I think a lot of people have been waiting for her to open.

92k Rom-com Feb.15.23
Full Request a few hours later
Nudge with offer Feb 17.23
The kindest of all side steps.
02/17/2023 08:13 PM
FQ: Feb. 15, 2023
Rejection: Feb. 17, 2023
Book Club Fiction, 89.7k
02/15/2023 11:39 PM
Still out from a Full Req in May 2022, hoping to hear back this month—fingers crossed!

80k Contemporary Romance
Edit: Kind R recieved on 1/23/23 after a nudge on 1/11, said she was only taking books with the had-to-have feeling
02/15/2023 09:50 PM
It's amazing- I literally just hit submit on my query and I see 11 queries after mine, and one has a full request already? How is that even possible??!!
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
02/15/2023 08:07 AM
Profile Update: Open to queries. Genres updated. Thanks AnneAlcott
02/15/2023 07:42 AM
She opened for queries on 15.02.2023
12/19/2022 11:12 AM
Query submitted: 07/11/2022
Form rejection: 07/12/2022
Adult horror, 57,700 words
12/06/2022 05:26 PM
Full Request - 7/26
Form Rejection - 12/6

90K romance
11/10/2022 12:08 PM
Anyone still out from a FR in March?
11/02/2022 01:35 PM
Venturing into the danger zone of 59 days and I'm not sure if I'm in a maybe pile or skipped *insert crying emoji here*

80k+ Latinx Adult RomCom queried on 08/31/22

Update 11/2: Rejection. So sad.
10/21/2022 04:26 PM
Looks like she's processing fulls this week. Give it a week, but if someone is working on closing soon, I'd fire it off before closure.
10/20/2022 07:53 PM
Not sure if I'm in a maybe pile, but I queried back on 8/31/2022 and it's been 50 days/over 7 weeks. I would really like to query another agent in this agency before they close for the holidays, but I don't want to risk my chances on that being a big no no since I still haven't heard back from this agent :/ Any advice?
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
09/19/2022 06:53 PM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
09/19/2022 01:06 PM
@nutmeg618 I also resubmitted over the summer. Per Instagram, she's closing to queries until February to catch up. She must be pretty behind! Hopefully that means we'll hear back soon. Good luck to you!
09/19/2022 07:29 AM
@StephAlex - Like you, I queried in March (5/11). I got a Full Request in 1 day, and still haven't gotten a decision. I revised my MS over the summer and asked her if she'd like the updated MS. It took her a while to respond, but she finally did reply with the following:

I apologize for the delay. I've been busy with client work which has put me a bit behind on reading submissions, but I am working to catch up. Please submit your revised manuscript and I will get back to you more quickly this time.

Since then, I've sent one nudge with no response, but I do see on the Timeline that she seems to be making her way through her fulls. Hopefully we hear something soon!
09/15/2022 12:40 PM
@Anna Raven, I queried this agent originally in late March, got a FR within a couple days, and I still haven't heard back. What is your time frame, if you don't mind me asking?
09/15/2022 09:49 AM
FQ: 09/12/22
FR: 09/15/22: Said it wasn't a good fit for her list right now, but her bio didn't focus heavily on romance, so that doesn't surprise me

75K romcom
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Profile History
Last Update:
02/15/2023 - Open to queries. Genres updated.
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