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Ms. Rosemary Stimola

Stimola Literary Studio

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Closed to Unsolicited Queries

Rosemary Stimola

Stimola Literary Studio

308 Livingston Court
Edgewater, NJ 07020
AALA Member:
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
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Middle Grade
Picture Book
Young Adult


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Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
05/08/2019 11:04 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries. (Thanks gowiththeflow)
05/08/2019 10:24 AM
Rosemary is currently closed to submissions. Their website had said that she would reopen after her vacation in April, but now it says she isn't accepting new submissions.
03/20/2019 04:48 PM
this might be the record for fastest rejection lmao. Do I get a cupcake or something?
EQ: 3/20
ER: 3/20 ... 30 minutes later!
02/28/2019 11:26 PM
I'm an author-illustrator, and about to submit a PB dummy online. Am I right to assume I should still include the manuscript in my query?
01/24/2019 12:22 PM
EQ: Jan 13
ER: Jan 22
YA Contemp
01/23/2019 09:06 AM
EQ (online form:) 1/21/19
ER (form:) 1/22/19
Received immediate auto reply of receipt of query
57,000 word MG Contemporary Supernatural Mysery
10/18/2018 05:19 PM
Online form: PB dummy, author/illustrator 7/18
CNR: 9/25/18
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
10/17/2018 01:39 PM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
09/19/2018 07:22 PM
EQ: 8/27
ER: 8/28

YA Fantasy 100k
Not even twenty four hours later
07/29/2018 07:05 AM
writer, mine did the same thing. I mostly noticed it inserted <NEW LINE> every time there was a line break. That's similar to how html code works, so I'm assuming it was just some harmless formatting and will show fine for them.
07/29/2018 12:20 AM
PB ms 420 words. I am wondering if anyone else had it register as computer code when they pressed submit. I started sweating when I saw lines of code instead of my letter and am wondering what happened or if I should message them. EEK
Patrick (Admin)
07/04/2018 09:53 AM
stanyan, he is listed now.
07/04/2018 09:43 AM
I queried Peter Ryan at this agency, who doesn’t have a listing here.
06/04/2018 08:23 PM
EQ: 05/31/2018
ER (form): 06/03/2018

05/28/2018 10:30 AM
Online Form: 5/27/2018
Form rejection: 5/28/2018

66K YA Fantasy
05/22/2018 09:38 PM
EQ 5/22/18--150-word PB in verse.
ER 5/22/18 (form)

"Thank you for submitting your query to the Stimola Literary Studio. We have had a chance to review your submission and have decided not to move forward with representation. We thank you for submitting your work to the Stimola Literary Studio. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors."
05/05/2018 03:51 PM
FQ: 5/4
ER: 5/5

Getting rejected on a Saturday stings more somehow :(
04/12/2018 07:17 AM
She's on vacation the online form says...maybe you are all CNRing too quickly?
03/28/2018 11:14 AM
EQ: 3/07
CNR: 3/28 I may be the only person in data without a response. Anyhoo
03/20/2018 10:20 AM
FQ: 3/7
YA, Historical Fantasy I'm the only one in weeks without a response.(data) Thought I might be in a maybe pile, but after all this time, not likely. *sigh*
CNR 3/20
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Last Update:
05/08/2019 - Closed to queries.
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