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Mr. Steven Chudney

The Chudney Agency

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Closed to Unsolicited Queries

Steven Chudney

The Chudney Agency

72 North State Road, Suite 501
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
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Postal Mail
Closed to Unsolicited Queries
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Middle Grade
  • Middle Grade, Adventure
  • Middle Grade, Contemporary
  • Middle Grade, Historical
  • Middle Grade, Horror
  • Middle Grade, Humor
  • Middle Grade, Literary
  • Middle Grade, Mystery
Picture Book
  • Picture Book, Author/Illustrator
Young Adult
  • Young Adult, Contemporary
  • Young Adult, Historical
  • Young Adult, Horror
  • Young Adult, Humor
  • Young Adult, LGBTQ+
  • Young Adult, Literary
  • Young Adult, Mystery


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Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
07/18/2022 04:01 PM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
04/14/2022 11:07 AM
EQ: 3/15/22
Partial: 3/16
Full: 3/22
Offer: 4/1
Accepted: 4/14

YA Contemporary 86K
03/22/2022 12:01 AM
This is the agent who said a bi author writing a sapphic lovestory was a bad business decision because she was married to a man. The thread: https://twitter.com/ElizabethH_WI/status/1494465958961950720
02/20/2022 12:03 AM
EQ Sent: 2/10/2022
My update didn't save for some reason!
Partial request (first 50 pages, cover letter, synopsis) requested and snail mailed same day: 2/11/2022
Withdrew my query and partial. Bi is bi, and my bi MC deserves better.

YA Horror 80k
02/19/2022 08:23 AM
FYI to all queer authors, please give this thread a look:

02/17/2022 10:37 AM
Does anyone know why this agent prefers the manuscript to be sent via snail mail?
02/10/2022 07:20 PM
EQ: 1/28/22
Partial Request, 50 pages: 1/29/22
Decline: 2/11/22

Alt-history 65k

"I'm afraid that although the writing is nice, it just didn't have that extra special something I look for, alas. There was something about the overall execution that didn't win me over."
02/05/2022 07:51 AM
Query sent: 2/3/22
65k contemporary YA
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
01/20/2022 06:20 AM
Profile Update: Open to queries.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
11/24/2021 10:42 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
11/23/2021 11:27 AM
EQ: 11/13/2021
Partial Request: 11/15/2021
Decline: 11/23/2021

YA LGBTQ+ rom com

Steven asked for sample pages to be snail mailed, and after letting him know I wasn't in the States, he proposed an alternative method through UPS printing and pick-up. I appreciated his kindness and responsiveness. While he ultimately passed, the feedback he provided was insightful. He's looking for more LGBTQ+ material and seems like a great agent to work with.
11/04/2021 04:04 AM
Mr Chudney requested a partial within an hour of my query (27 October 2021) and upped it to a full request just three days later. I live in a country with less-than-reliable international mail, so we had to find a way around that: he suggested I email my pages on both occasions to his local UPS store to be printed and placed in his mailbox. I've found him kind, responsive and very patient and professional in our interactions so far, so this has been a positive experience regardless of outcome.
10/01/2021 12:36 AM
Steven is open to all kinds of subjects and genres, including general fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, BIPOC, novels that explore gender and sexuality / LGBTQ, mysteries and thrillers (less of the hardcore political kind), and some historical fiction.
09/17/2021 04:32 PM
Rejected me in 25 minutes flat.
09/10/2021 05:39 PM
EQ: 9/9/21 MG
Request for 50 pages: 9/10/21
09/07/2021 08:23 PM
Received a request for 50 pages. Rejected by saying MC and writing were not ‘special enough’. Ouch!! Would prefer a form rejection over something that doesn’t really communicate anything other than a ‘no’.
08/25/2021 05:27 PM
Set an Email August 5 and responded with a request for the first 50 pages in hard copy first, plus additional info. Got a reject about a week later. Very polite and said he liked the story, but the writing wasn't special enough.
08/18/2021 01:06 PM
82 days -storyline doesn't resonate.
08/17/2021 10:09 AM
Sent query 7/27 and got an email back on 7/31 requesting to be snail mailed a cover letter, full synopsis, and first 50 pages. I wasn't expecting to hear back so quickly since I had gotten a bounce-back email that he was out of the office until 8/2. Sent in the requested materials and currently waiting on his response with crossed fingers and toes. He seems like a very proactive and helpful agent. Very glad I queried him.

Update 8/17/21 - Kind rejection. Stated that the writing is nice but he "just didn't fall in love enough" to proceed. I admit I'm pretty disappointed, but I do appreciate that he got back to me. I'm still glad I queried him and happy that he took the time to review my work.
08/10/2021 09:46 AM
88k YA / Historic
1 day to partial request.
10 days from partial to rejection.

Dear Jennifer, thanks for having sent in the portion of your novel. I'm afraid that although the writing is nice, it just didn't have that extra special something I look for, alas, especially for historical YA, which is really challenging these days. So, this will be a pass for me, with regrets. As these things can be so very subjective, I do hope that soon you'll find a more enthusiastic agent for your novel.
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Last Update:
07/18/2022 - Closed to queries.
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