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Ms. Judith Weber

Sobel Weber Associates

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Judith Weber

Sobel Weber Associates

146 East 19 Street
New York, NY 10003
AALA Member:
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Literary Fiction


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Known Clients (current & past)
Chantel Acevedo
Mindy Friddle
Russ Parsons
Jacki Passmore
Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
07/25/2022 03:18 PM
Mailed it on 7/22/22
Rejected lickety split (I love a quick response): 7/25/22 (form letter, basically: your story won't sell in this market, tough noogies)
own voices/upmarket/100k
03/17/2021 07:37 PM
"We only consider material submitted to us exclusively and will respond within 4-6 weeks." Rlly? Exclusive queries?
06/22/2019 03:20 PM
SQ 8/8/18 (2nd/final requery Chain Reaction)
SR 9/4/18 (Passed--not right agent)

6/22/19: SQ 5/20/19 (Diplomatic Immunity)
SR 6/18/19 (Passed--not right agent)
09/11/2018 12:55 PM
Website sobelweber.com defunct: 9/11/18
07/24/2018 01:50 PM
SQ 5/16/18 (2nd/final requery Venom)
SR 6/9/18 (Passed--not right agent)
03/09/2018 03:29 PM
Snailmail Query: 1/25/18
Email Form Rejection: 3/9/18

LGBT YA, 52k
05/23/2017 03:55 PM
SQ 4/11/17 (requery Venom)
SR 5/22/17 (passed from Not Sobel--not right agent for it.) Will try her with CR or DI this summer.
05/04/2013 02:54 PM
3/25/13, I sent Judith a snail mail query for Chain Reaction. Today I've gotten her rejection--she doesn't believe it's salable for today's markets. Oh well.
03/06/2013 09:04 PM
SM Q - 2/21/13
SM R - 3/6/13

Form rejection. Upmarket fiction.
03/18/2011 04:08 PM
On 3/10, I've sent them a snail mail query to Judith Weber. Today I've heard back from them. They said they're only reading material on an exclusive basis from referrals from editors and other writers, and present clients, and consequently unable to afford proper considerations to unsolicited submissions.
10/26/2010 09:12 AM
Received rejection letter, but at least it was personalized with our names. That's a lot more than I can say for lots of other agents.
01/09/2010 05:45 PM
Hi there eallen99,
If it helps, I got back exactly the same rejection you did and signed by Judith Weber. Exactly. So, I feel a little bit better now:-).
Marcia Bradley
09/29/2008 12:00 PM
Oh joy, I get to post the first rejection. Surprised to get smail (snail mail)back so fast and it was actually signed by Nat Sobel. All personalized and essentially said " sorry to report we don't believe this book is salable in today's tough marketplace. We've been proven wrong before though, so Good luck."
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