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Ms. Sarah Passick

Park & Fine Literary and Media

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Sarah Passick

Park & Fine Literary and Media

55 Broadway, Suite 1601
New York, NY 10006
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06/11/2021 12:55 PM
10/11/2020 05:22 PM
Twitter account suspended. TF did she do?
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
01/14/2019 06:49 PM
Profile Update: Changed agencies. Formerly with Sterling Lord Literistic.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
12/16/2018 01:03 PM
Profile Update: No longer listed on the agency website.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
12/12/2018 10:38 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
07/07/2016 08:36 AM
Profile Update: New postal address.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
04/07/2015 11:41 AM
Profile Update: Open to queries. Updated Genres.
11/11/2014 03:53 PM
Adding this one to my Do-Not-Query List. Anyone who regularly requests Fulls and doesn't reply won't get a query. I'd much rather self-pub than query agents like that. Thanks for sharing your experiences!!
11/11/2014 02:32 PM
This agent is not listed on the agency's website.
10/08/2014 11:42 AM
Going through agents and realised this one was still open. I've never before had a Full Request without a reply, but there's a first time for everything.

An assistant requested the full on 4/24, and as it's now 10/8 and I've heard nothing, despite an email nudge and a Twitter nudge, I'm closing this one out.
07/23/2014 12:26 PM
ER: 7/23/2014

I finally rec'd a standard form rejection after the 5/21 full request. I'm sorry, but how are we to know whether the agent even bothered to read our ms if they don't even provide a reason why they "did not connect with our characters" or whatever? I will not bother to query this agency again or any agency that sends a form rejection after requesting a full. To be honest, I'm ready to blow off agents all together and start selling my own books. That's another 15% I can use to pay the bills. What good are they? It's like trying to find a good attorney. You're lucky if you find one out of 100 with an ounce of integrity.
07/11/2014 01:35 PM
Southernfried, no, unfortunately. I tweeted to her and didn't get a response, so after a few days, I just sent a polite nudge and attached my updated manuscript. I didn't receive a reply to that, to know whether it had been received. I'm just going to let it sit and see what happens.

I queried Emmanuelle Morgen last year and never received a reply either, but I have to say, I'm disappointed because of how friendly and interested the request sounded that I received from the assistant. It may just be that Sarah is buried right now, and maybe isn't a fan of Twitter questions like that coming out of nowhere.

I'm really sorry, and I'm surprised as well, given your situation, that you've not had a reply at ALL. I do think that fulls, at the very least, are deserving of a reply. I understand that queries can't all get them, but when interest is shown...

Since I heard from an assistant, I don't even know if Sarah or some other agent was the one requesting my material, so you're at least a step ahead of me. I hope you hear something. Good luck.
07/11/2014 10:04 AM
alibry, did you ever hear back from Sarah? I actually reached her on the phone two weeks ago. I'm sure I caught her off guard, for she promised to read at least the first 10 chapters of my ms and get back to me. She didn't of course. In her email request for my full, she asked about the GC editor who requested my ms. Since she requested my full on 5/21 and never even acknowledged having received my ms, it is clear to me that she had no intention of reading my ms, but hoped to piggy back my efforts and make an easy 15% commission without working for it. I've experienced that from a couple of other agents as well. Very discouraging. I would think a junior agent would be more motivated to build a solid reputation with the authors they hope to represent. I can't believe that no one wants to actually read my ms and offer editorial feedback, knowing I have an editor lined up. I'm starting to lose my faith in lit agents.
07/03/2014 10:47 AM
southernfriedauthor, an assistant requested my full on 4/24 (which I emailed to Sarah) and I sent it that day, but I never received an acknowledgement after that either. Since it's now July, and I've actually just completely rewritten the first chapter, I think I might send a polite nudge with the new material and see what happens. I'll let you know if I hear back.
06/20/2014 02:35 PM
I never rec'd an email confirmation that Sarah rec'd my requested full. Today I sent her a nudge since the editor who requested my full emailed me that she is reading my manuscript. I hoped to get Sarah's input on any suggested edits and hopefully have her help selling my novel. Other agents have requested my full, too, but I hoped to find a new agent still building her list since they are *sometimes* more eager and motivated than established agents. Still waiting to hear back......
06/02/2014 03:00 PM
EQ: 5/19/2014
Full request: 5/21/2014
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Last Update:
01/14/2019 - Changed agencies. Formerly with Sterling Lord Literistic.
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