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Mr. Peter Cox

Redhammer Management Ltd

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Peter Cox

Redhammer Management Ltd

186 Bickenhall Mansions
London WIU6BX
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Chick Lit
Family Saga
Science Fiction
Women's Fiction
Young Adult


Current Affairs/Politics
Pop Culture
Women's Issues
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Known Clients (current & past)
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Nicholas Booth
John Brindley
Brian Clegg
Joe Donnelly
Audrey Eyton
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Amanda Lees
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
11/04/2023 07:49 AM
While I do think this is a legitimate agency the lack of signing/sales shows his interest lies elsewhere.

11/02/2023 01:19 AM
This does not seem like a legitimate, literary agency. The website focuses on services he can provide to you and things you can join (that it seems he runs). The site is very vague on anything in regards to him actually representing any authors at all. Should this agency even be on query tracker?
10/19/2023 10:09 AM
I agree with the previous comment about pop-up submissions seeming to look more for a short story than the first 700 words of a novel. While I definitely appreciated having my submission read, and it was interesting to hear feedback, the overall criticism of my section was, essentially, that I didn't get to the action fast enough. If this had been a longer submission, I could perhaps understand, but 700 words is barely even a complete chapter. Despite this, the criticism was that I included too much extraneous detail and should have got to the meat of the story quicker.

If they would prefer short stories, that's certainly valid, but I feel like that should be made more clear in the submission. Asking for an introductory 700 words and then criticising them for being introductory isn't particularly helpful.

09/23/2023 07:50 AM
If you decide to submit to Pop Up Submissions be aware that 700 words is not many to make an impression. Also, make sure your synopsis covers as much of your book as possible. This is not a place to worry about spoilers, if something really important happens in chapter five, then put it in the synopsis so that they know. I felt like they wanted a short story hit as opposed to the slower burn of a book in those first 700 words. There was a complaint about not enough world-building, but I barely had enough time to introduce my main character and set up the scene before the word limit ran out. In the end, I did not feel like I received any constructive criticism (plenty of criticism, but nothing I could use to build upon). A several-minute rant about the name of my main character by someone who obviously does not read in the genre does not help. Also, I was notified only 24-hours before I was to be on the show after it was almost a year since I submitted my manuscript. Would I do this again? No. Am I glad that I did it? No. Should you send a submission? Maybe, it depends upon your expectations. Having someone who is a professional read the excerpt from your manuscript is really cool, but not worth the submission.

08/22/2023 06:50 AM
There doesn't seem to be a way for non-established writers to provide a submission on the Redhammer website
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