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Ms. Jennifer Rofe

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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Jennifer Rofe

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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This agent is seeking the following genres:


Middle Grade
  • Middle Grade, Contemporary
  • Middle Grade, Fantasy
  • Middle Grade, Historical
  • Middle Grade, Literary
  • Middle Grade, Mystery
  • Middle Grade, Science Fiction


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Crystal Allen
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Genevieve Bormes
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Forrest Burdett
Breanna Carzoo
Brittany Cicchese
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
02/08/2023 09:08 PM
Dec 26, 2022 - submission via online form
Feb 8, 2023 - rejected

15k Chapter Book
01/11/2023 08:34 PM
FQ 1/4/2023

MG Fantasy 40k
01/11/2023 07:38 PM
For picture books, she's looking for illustrators and author-illustrators only.
12/22/2022 10:40 AM
9th of December, 2022 - form query sent.
21st of December, 2022 - form rejection.
25k Magical realism MG
11/14/2022 06:26 PM
10/21/22 - online form re: Brogwin - MG 75K
11/14/22 - form rejection
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
10/20/2022 04:47 PM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
10/17/2022 02:40 PM
Form Query 10/7/22
Kind Rejection 10/17/22
MG 55K words
10/11/2022 09:17 PM
Just listened to Jennifer Laughran's podcast (Literaticast) and it said that we can NOW query more than one agent at their agency. Just a three agent limit. Yeah, man!
10/06/2022 11:07 AM
Form Query: 10/5/22
Form Rejection: 10/6/22
MG HF Sports 56k

10/04/2022 05:58 PM
Form Rejection within 24 hr
South Asian Fantasy, MG 36K

A little shocked at this quick rejection since you can't query Andrea Brown Lit agency's other agents after a rejection from one. Inclusion, where? :/
Edit: As of 10/4/22, the agency announced you can query up to 3 agents per manuscript. yay!
06/10/2022 04:18 AM
Form Rejection within 24hr

MG 40k
06/09/2022 12:42 PM
FQ: 5/20/22
FR: 6/9/22

Upper MG Fantasy 64K
06/04/2022 04:52 PM
FQ: 05/27/22
Form Rejection: 03/02/22

MG Fantasy 65k
06/02/2022 03:18 PM
22 days from query to polite form rejection.
05/25/2022 03:03 PM
5/22/22 sent query
MG SF 60k
04/28/2022 01:04 PM
Queried 4/25/22
Form R only hours later on 4/25/22
MG Fantasy 26K words
04/14/2022 09:27 AM
rejection 4/14/2022
Passing on this story, sorry did not have better news.
04/08/2022 10:57 AM
Form Query sent 3/23
Form rejection from Jennifer on 4/7
04/02/2022 07:57 PM
query letter sent 3/25/22 - received a rejection on 3/31/22

Very nice personalized rejection.
03/14/2022 09:52 PM
Queried 12 Mar 2022
Personalised rejection 15 Mar 2022

MG novel in verse
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Last Update:
01/13/2023 - Genres updated.
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