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Ms. Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson Literary Agency

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Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson Literary Agency

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Women's Fiction


Current Affairs/Politics
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/21/2023 10:49 AM
A nice letter from this agent, 30 days after receiving a partial request of 75 pages.
02/24/2023 07:18 AM
FQ via agency website 2/22/23
Partial request (~100 pages) 2/23/23

69k Adult Romance/Myth Retelling
02/24/2023 07:10 AM
FQ 2.17.23

Thinking maybe I got skipped :(
02/21/2023 12:52 AM
Form Query on website: 23 November 2022
CNR: 21 February 2023

121K Adult Thriller/Horror
02/01/2023 03:08 PM
FQ: 1/2/23
Partial request (75 pages): 1/4/23
ER: 2/1/23

Kind, personalized rejection that complimented the characters and plot, but that ultimately they weren't passionate enough about the manuscript.

99k lgbtq+ adult romcom
01/12/2023 05:53 PM
Form Query: 11/17/22
Partial Request (75 pages): 11/22/22
Kind rejection that they enjoyed many aspects about the work but wasn't passionate enough to pursue more: 1/12/23

99k Adult Fantasy Romance
11/28/2022 01:32 PM
FQ 11/20/22
PR 11/22/22
Rejection 11/28/2022

My first request for pages! She asked for the first ~100 pages. Didn't go the way I hoped, but Heather was very professional and prompt, which I appreciate.
09/12/2022 09:56 AM
FQ: 9/5/2022
74k Adult Contemporary Romance
09/09/2022 07:53 PM
Query: 8/19
Partial Requested and Submitted: 8/20
Rejection: 9/9

Friendly, semi-personal rejection from the email of her assistant (?). Said she loved the title but ultimately wasn't as excited about it as she needed to be to pursue representation.
07/19/2022 05:16 PM
memoir submission delegated to intern who loved the writing but said it read more like a romance than a memoir. LOL
07/07/2022 04:03 PM
Emailed query on form on her website on 7/7/22
06/26/2022 05:56 PM
Form Query: 5/9/22
Memoir 89K

no response after 6 weeks. Closing Query.
04/22/2022 05:17 PM
FQ: 4/5/22
Partial request: 4/7/22
ER: 4/22/22
04/21/2022 03:40 PM
Form Query 4/20/22 Adult-Magical Realism 95k
03/25/2022 03:19 PM
2/18/22 EQ
2/18/22 Full request

100k YA fantasy
02/28/2022 12:54 PM
Did anyone receive an auto-reply? I didn't, so I'm not sure it went through...
02/05/2022 08:08 AM
Email query 2/3/22
Partial request 2/5/22
107k Adult historical fiction
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
02/04/2022 09:10 AM
Profile Update: No longer taking email queries. Use her query form instead.
01/28/2022 08:44 AM
I queried her on 01/15/2022. I can see from the Data Explorer that she sends a lot of requests, and very quickly, so when I saw that someone after me got a partial request, I marked her CNR after 5 days. Just got a rejection today (01/28/2022):

"Sounds like a wonderfully fun story, unfortunately I’m not taking on new clients at present. Wishing you the very best! HJ"

Yet there is a form open on her website for submissions, and I can see she has sent 3 partial requests since my query. Don't know why she bothered.

01/12/2022 09:48 AM
EQ: 10/27/21
CNR: 1/12/22
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Last Update:
02/04/2022 - No longer taking email queries.
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