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Ms. Erica Bauman

Aevitas Creative Management

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Closed to Unsolicited Queries

Erica Bauman

Aevitas Creative Management

19 West 21st Street, Suite 501
New York, NY 10010
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
This agent is seeking the following genres:


Graphic Novel
Middle Grade
Science Fiction
Women's Fiction
Young Adult


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Kayla Cottingham
Jaq Evans
Tiffany Haas
Naseem Jamnia
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/22/2023 02:02 AM
Queried in early March of 2022.
Closed the query in May of 2022 since it didn't look like she was reading my genre at all in the timeline
Form rejection in March of 2023. 385 days
01/09/2023 09:20 PM
FQ: 3/15/2022
FR : 1/9/2023
300 days!
50k mg fantasy
12/16/2022 08:32 AM
FQ: 12/14/22 after a request during a virtual pitch

Adult Sci-fi - 90,000 words
12/12/2022 01:31 PM
FQ: 12/12/22 following an invitation to query after a virtual pitch at the Pittsburgh Writers Workshop
YA Fantasy 91k
10/11/2022 11:10 AM
Form query: 5/28/22
(Polite) Form rejection: 10/10/22
90K adult contemporary romance
10/01/2022 05:25 PM
Closing out my query for now. I used to think she reply to YA fantasy on Saturdays. There is not a way to nudge her without get an offer for from another agent.
09/30/2022 03:21 PM
justinjoseph...$25/year is well worth the money for a Premium membership. Please spend it. It's not fair for us to give you the info for free. And don't DM me please.

EDIT: I said DON'T DM me.
09/28/2022 02:30 PM
@JustinJoseph Sometimes agents do take longer than six months unfortunately. Agents are really swamped these days and I've heard writers sometimes get responses a year later.
If this is your first time nudging, I'd say it's okay to go ahead and nudge her. But if you've nudged before and received no response, there really isn't much else you can do.
09/23/2022 10:08 PM
FQ 03/15/2022
ER 09/23/2022

Same form as others: "Thank you so much for giving me the chance to consider ____. It’s clear that you’ve devoted a lot of hard work to this project, and your passion comes through in your writing. However, while there is a lot to be commended, I didn't have a clear editorial vision for the project and thus don't think that I would be the most effective champion for your book."
09/23/2022 05:03 PM
Query sent 3/14
Rejection 9/23
Form letter
09/20/2022 01:40 PM
Query submitted 3/10/22. Received form rejection 09/19/22. If anyone is counting...120 days.
09/20/2022 05:20 AM
FQ 3/10/22
CNR 9/13/22 - Very possible I still get a response based on other comments here, but I'm CNRing it for now.
ER 9/20/22 - And there's the response! Polite form rejection.

Dark Fantasy 96K
09/19/2022 10:41 AM
JustinJoseph: I did. She didn't respond
09/19/2022 10:34 AM
EQ: 3/1/22
ER: 9/18/22
109k fantasy
09/07/2022 08:59 AM
To the comments below, I've sent my query in March too, about 6 months ago, and no response. I think agents close for queries when they need time to catch up.
08/28/2022 12:58 PM
Bobo3080, I think at this point she might finish reading queries until late November/early December. I know it’s extremely difficult but persevere. I’m still waiting on March submissions.
08/27/2022 03:35 PM
Submitted 05/23/22
No response yet, not sure if my query is still being considered or not
08/21/2022 02:26 PM
@sally646, you may feel a little better knowing that the agents won't directly get the money you paid for the pitch--the conference organizer which paid for them to participate does. I work at a literary center with a writing conference, and that's how we're able to offer literary agent pitch meetings--an opportunity most writers in our region wouldn't have otherwise. Still, I understand the frustration of meeting an agent who requests pages only not to hear back from them for several months (if at all), having experienced it myself. Good luck with your querying! And as I tell myself: all you need is one yes from a great agent to start a writing career.
08/20/2022 09:23 PM
@gwprouse, thanks I’m just hoping for good news.
08/20/2022 09:02 PM
for my last query to her, it took her 350 days to respond. I'm also waiting for a response on my current one from March. More than likely she will respond at one point, but yes, it could be awhile, or not until you nudge once she opens to queries again.
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06/01/2022 - Closed to queries.
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