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Ms. Sarah Landis

Sterling Lord Literistic

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Sarah Landis

Sterling Lord Literistic

115 Broadway, Suite 1602
New York, NY 10006
AALA Member:
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Middle Grade
Young Adult


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Jennifer Adam
Jennie K. Brown
Erin Craig
Kristin Dwyer
Isabel Ibanez
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/17/2023 08:57 AM
Form Query: 3/17/23

YA Fantasy, 99k
03/03/2023 05:14 PM
FQ 3/3/2023

02/24/2023 06:42 AM
FQ 2/23/23

MG ConF 68k
02/19/2023 12:03 PM
Form Query: 12/16/22
CNR: 2/19/23 (website didn't designate a time frame for closing out, and this is a no response means no agency. Also saw she responded to queries after mine)

99k Fantasy Romance
02/03/2023 02:41 PM
FQ: 12/1/2022
Nudged w/offer via form: 2/3/2023

Adult space opera 125k
01/27/2023 11:33 AM
Email Query: 12/28/22
Nudged w/Offer via Form (have no idea if it is okay, but my only method of contact): 1/19/2023
Full Request: 1/23/23
Pass*: 1/26/23
*Sent an extremely kind and encouraging email with lots of things she enjoyed, but that it wasn't *the one* for her.

YA Fantasy 75k
01/24/2023 01:47 PM
@kmisch I didn't get one either. I queried 35 days ago.
01/23/2023 02:57 PM
@kmisch, I only queried her 15 days ago, so I checked back through my email and I don't see any sort of confirmation either.
01/23/2023 02:25 PM
I can't remember if I received some form of acknowledgment of receipt of my query. Did everyone else? If you did, what form was it in?

I can't seem to find it and my query is quite old but now I am worried she did not actually receive my query.

01/15/2023 09:11 PM
FQ 1/15/23
98k YA sci-fi
01/07/2023 11:36 AM
Having to go through this and fix the cut and paste formatting on the form took 30 min. I tried various ways to try to get formatting to carry over, but to no avail.
12/02/2022 11:38 AM
Queried: 07/04
CNR: 10/15
Adult Fantasy 110k

Queried new MS: 10/21
Notification of Offer of Rep on different MS: 10/24
CNR: 12/02
Adult Fantasy 100k
11/21/2022 05:17 AM
I made the same choice as you, then fretted about it. When I had the time, I did the same thing in another form and took the time to fix it with proper spacing and indents. I did leave the paragraphs single spaced because that was how they pasted. Then I copied the way it was in the form and kept it in a document to paste into the form the next time. Now, my first five, or first twenty, or first three chapters paste the way I want them to. I also did this with my query letter since it also pastes a bit wonky.
11/20/2022 08:40 PM
Form Query: 11/18/22

I pasted my first three chapters in the designated box. The format went a little crazy. Some double spaces between lines, some single. Some indented paragraphs, some not. It would have taken me an hour to fix it . . . so I just let it and trusted that I wouldn't be penalized. Anyone else have this issue? Should I have taken the time to go through ever single line and make it uniform?
11/17/2022 01:13 PM
Submit an online form. One of the agency’s Instagram posts confirmed they will “return to work” after the new year. Don’t give up, if you haven’t received a response yet.

I posted the above statement in January of this year, so the agency should now be open for submissions already.
11/14/2022 11:35 AM
FQ: 11/7/22

YA Fantasy 91k
11/11/2022 11:22 AM
Form Query: 4/10/22
CNR: 11/11/2022
Adult Fantasy 85k
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
11/04/2022 09:18 AM
Profile Update: Genres updated. Thanks angelsteele
11/02/2022 06:14 PM
Form query sent 10/6/22
YA Speculative Mystery, 75k
Withdrew query 11/2/22
11/01/2022 01:20 PM
Agency website says she takes middle grade to adult. "Sarah Landis represents a wide range of fiction from middle grade to adult. Sarah is particularly drawn to high-concept plots, big hooks, speculative fiction, twisty thrillers, novels with a strong emotional core, and sweeping fantasy."
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Last Update:
11/04/2022 - Genres updated.
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