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Ms. Ann Leslie Tuttle

Dystel Goderich & Bourret LLC

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Ann Leslie Tuttle

Dystel Goderich & Bourret LLC

1 Union Square West, Suite 904
New York, NY 10003
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Family Saga
Middle Grade
  • Romance, Comedy
  • Romance, Contemporary
Women's Fiction


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Known Clients (current & past)
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Elizabeth Baron
Morgan Blythe
Rhyannon Byrd
Sloane Calder
Ananya Devarajan
Debbie Herbert
Amanda Hopkins
Jenna Kernan
Lisa Kroger
Mackenzie Melvin
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/02/2023 08:40 AM
Emailed query 2/27
Form rejection 2/28 - letter addressed to the wrong name. (Addressed to writer name rather than legal name. The only mention of my writer name was in the email address. Kind of off putting.)
83k romantic suspense
02/24/2023 10:00 AM
Email Query: 2/23/23
Template Rejection: 2/24/23

Contemporary Romance 94k
02/13/2023 10:02 AM
Emailed query: 2/10
Form Rejection: 2/13

107k commercial romance
02/12/2023 01:50 AM
Did anyone get a confirmation mail after sending in your manuscript? I haven’t received any and wonder if I’ve used the wrong address
02/09/2023 11:05 AM
Emailed query Feb 8, 2023
Email response Feb 9, 2023
Form letter rejection
91K Women's Fiction
01/23/2023 05:45 PM
E mail query Jan 18, 2023
E mail response Jan 19, 2023

Nice form letter. "Does not fit our list at the time:
90K medical thriller
11/19/2022 11:30 PM
Emailed query: October 24th, 2022
Full request: October 24th, 2022
"Reluctant step aside" with option to revise and resubmit: October 27th, 2022
97k historical romance
11/18/2022 06:48 AM
Queried 1st November
Full Request 1st November

Regency romance 90k
10/25/2022 11:20 AM
EQ: 10-24-22
ER: 10-25-22 Polite form letter

Historical Fiction
09/09/2022 02:56 PM
Email query and sample 09/08/2022
Form rejection 09/09/2022
Contemporary Romance, 76K
09/08/2022 10:17 PM
Emailed query and sample on Aug. 19th.
Update: August 25: Full Request
Sent full on August 29th.
Rejection. Figured as much. Had another offer.
08/19/2022 10:49 AM
86k Adult Romcom
email query: 8/16
full request: 8/16
email rejection: 8/18

polite and extremely quick response--complimented writing, but clarified the plotting wasn't as original as she'd hoped.
08/10/2022 05:41 AM
EQ: 8/5/22
78k Adult Contemporary Romance
DVPit request
Form Rejection: 8/8/2022
08/09/2022 08:16 PM
EQ: 8/4/2022
Full Request (!!): 8/5/2022
Per. Rejection: 8/9/2022

An incredibly fast response--kind, with compliments to the engaging premise, but the plotting wasn't for her.

92k Adult Fantasy
#DVpit Request
08/04/2022 02:16 PM
EQ 8-2-22
Form Reject 8-3.22
08/03/2022 04:17 PM
Email Query from DVpit request: 08/03/2022
Form Reject: Same day! 08/03/2022

Middle Grade Literary Fiction (80,000 words)
07/25/2022 10:14 PM
Email query & 1st 25 pgs 7/23/22
Email rejection (form letter) 7/25/22
79k fiction, multi-gen. family saga
07/22/2022 05:42 AM
Email query 7/15/22
Email Rejection 7/18/22
Probably the nicest form letter I've gotten
And I always appreciate a fast response

Romantic/suspense 112k
06/14/2022 12:15 PM
FQ: 5/18/22 #SmoochPit Like
First 50 pages and query
FR: 5/19/22 (apologised for a form rejection)
90K Adult Contemporary Romance
Reason to reject: Unfortunately, the project you describe does not suit our list at this time.
06/14/2022 10:11 AM
FQ: 6/2 Love Pit Like
First 50 pages and query
82k Adult Rom Com
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