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Ms. Laurie McLean

Fuse Literary

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Closed to Unsolicited Queries

Laurie McLean

Fuse Literary

San Francisco, CA
AALA Member:
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
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Middle Grade


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Known Clients (current & past)
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Sherri Buerkle
Jennifer Cervantes
Carolyn Comito
Cynthia Depalma
Walter Greatshell
Julie Kagawa
A.R. Kahler
Lisa Kessler
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
03/22/2022 03:44 PM
Please be aware:

My former agent worked at Fuse Literary. When she made the decision to leave agenting, Gordon and Laurie (the heads of the agency) informed her clients that the agency would not necessarily keep us on. We waited three weeks to hear back, with no communication about our work from the agency. Most of us were dropped with a copy-paste impersonal letter with no references. More information here: https://twitter.com/tajmccoywrites/status/1504573954333323265?s=20&t=MvJDBZlpAWxSziZ7YgikJA
12/28/2021 04:40 PM
Aug. 9, 2021: EQ
Dec. 28, 2021: ER (form)

81K mystery
12/28/2021 02:44 PM
7/26/21 FQ
9/27/21 CNR per her timeline
12/27/21 Form R

51K MG literary mystery
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
11/02/2021 10:19 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
08/28/2021 02:14 PM
FQ: 5/20/2021
CNR: 8/18/2021 (consider pass after 9-12 weeks)
QR: 8/28/2021
MG Fantasy 50K
08/19/2021 06:32 PM
SFF is not listed on her QT genres, but her PM Marketplace page lists SFF as a genre she accepts, and she has 19 SFF deals listed on her PM Dealmaker pages, including one as Aug 10, 2021.

*Edit* If you dig deep enough in her agency description she does say she's accepting a very restricted list of genres at this time.
Patrick (Admin)
08/13/2021 05:21 PM
Hi engstromdd, Her genre list is based on the genres she includes on her QueryManager form.
06/08/2021 10:24 AM
FQ: 6/8/21
mystery 80k
05/05/2021 05:20 PM
MG/YA Fantasy 11/3 eq
1/11/21 ER...not so nice form letter
03/21/2021 08:26 AM
Rejected within a few days with the following comments (Suspense/Women's fiction):

"I am very selective about taking on new clients. Projects from my clients must have stellar world building, characters that leap off the page, pacing that is relentless, and a story that entices the reader to take its journey with the characters. I know that’s a tall order, but if your writing is lacking in any of those areas, I’ll pass on it."
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
01/20/2021 07:47 PM
Profile Update: Open to queries.
01/11/2021 05:54 PM
EQ: 9th Nov 2020
ER: 12th Jan 2021

Adult fantasy murder mystery 80k
01/10/2021 03:07 PM
EQ: 11/22/20 Sci-fi 74k
ER: 01/10/21 form
01/09/2021 12:47 PM
Form Q: 9/28/20
Rejected: 1/9/21

YA Sci-fi 83K
01/04/2021 04:11 PM
EQ: 9/13/2020
CNR: 12/22/2020
ER: 1/4/2021 Polite form rejection

Sci-fi, 89K
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
12/01/2020 09:22 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
10/20/2020 09:37 AM
EQ FORM 8/17/2020
Espionage Thriller 85,000 words
ER Non-helpful form letter 10/20/2020
09/28/2020 02:46 PM
Form Query: 08/10
Form Rejection: 09/28

YA Fantasy 71K
07/23/2020 06:19 PM
Thanks Patrick! Yeah, was thinking perhaps all the elements she requests kind of add up to what otherwise would be covered in a letter.
Patrick (Admin)
07/23/2020 04:30 PM
@Hammer34. I think it's intentional. The query is on by default on the form, so she would have had to turn it off. There's a few other agents who do that now with QueryManager. Since they get a synopsis and sample pages they think the query isn't as important. That's a good thing for authors. One less thing to worry about.
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Last Update:
11/02/2021 - Closed to queries.
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