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Ms. Tara Gonzalez

Erin Murphy Literary Agency

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Tara Gonzalez

Erin Murphy Literary Agency

824 Roosevelt Trail #290
Windham, ME 04062
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
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Middle Grade
  • Middle Grade, Contemporary
  • Middle Grade, Fantasy
  • Middle Grade, Historical
  • Middle Grade, Literary
  • Middle Grade, Mystery
  • Middle Grade, Science Fiction
Picture Book
Young Adult
  • Young Adult, Christian
  • Young Adult, Contemporary
  • Young Adult, Fantasy
  • Young Adult, Historical
  • Young Adult, Literary
  • Young Adult, Mystery
  • Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
  • Young Adult, Romance
  • Young Adult, Science Fiction


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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
02/16/2023 11:23 PM
query: 1/30/2023

YA contemp fantasy 98k with dis and queer rep
02/09/2023 08:57 AM
Form Query: 6.29.22
Query Withdrawn and Resubmitted for #DVpit Request: 8.1.22
Full Request: 8.2.22 (Sent 8.2.22)
Nudge with Offer of Representation: 1.31.23
Step Aside: 2.9.23

YA Historical, 79k
02/02/2023 01:50 PM
query: 3/24/22
full request! 3/31/22
full submitted: 4/3/22
nudge to see if she'd like the revised pages: 9/13/22
no reply as of 1/29/23
nudge with offer: 1/31/23
rejection: 2/2/23
97k YA LGBT mystery
01/28/2023 10:34 PM
Form Query: October 25, 2022
Full Request: November 4, 2022
Submitted Additional Manuscripts: November 6, 2022
Submission Withdrawn: January 28, 2023

PB, 725 words. 2022 #PitchDis and #DVPit requests.
01/21/2023 06:15 PM
#PitBLK request, query sent 10/4/22
YA Fantasy, 96K

Form rejection 1/21/23
12/19/2022 08:03 PM
Originally sent query: 6/25/21
Full requested: 6/25/21
Nudge: Four months later, unresponded
2nd Nudge: Another month later, unresponded, closes out query
Agent reached back out 06/22, asking if still looking for representation. Said she was planning on reading my book next. Reopened full and sent next book per agent's request
Nudge: Three months later, unresponded.
Final nudge: Another month later, unresponded.
Finally closed out query: 530 days later

All I can say to this is...yikes. That was an emotional match of tug and war.
12/19/2022 11:08 AM
Query submitted: 07/30/2022
Form rejection: 08/02/2022. Rejection apologized for the delayed response; agent only had my query for three days, so I get the impression she skimmed it at most.
Adult horror, 57,700 words.
12/06/2022 08:10 AM
FQ: 10/16/22
Nudge: 12/6/22

61k YA Fantasy
11/16/2022 08:37 PM
FQ: 11/14/21
Full Request: 3/2/22
Nudge with revised pages: 7/14/22
As of 11/14/22, Tara has yet to acknowledge my nudge. She has repeatedly stated on Twitter that she responds to all queries and fulls so I'm reluctant to write this one off as a CNR officially but it's been a loooooong year of querying and I don't have much hope left in me.

YA Fantasy 90k
11/14/2022 07:23 PM
#dvpit like, fq: 12/10/22
11/11/2022 05:02 PM
#PitBLK request. Query sent 9/25/22
YA Speculative Mystery 75K
Nudge with offer of rep 10/28
Full Request 11/4/22
CNR. Did not receive a response by my deadline.
11/04/2022 08:19 PM
Tara Gonzalez sent me a lovely personalized email pass. I really appreciate the time she took with my query and her response.
10/27/2022 04:41 PM
Query: 10/27

Adult SFF 94k
10/23/2022 05:28 PM
Queried: 8-25
Rejected: 10-23
08/18/2022 12:34 PM
Form Query: 1/9/22
Full Request: 3/2/22

YA queer romcom 89k
08/10/2022 05:39 PM
DVPit request: 10 August 2022
Full request: 10 August 2022 (sent same day)

60k YA rom-com
08/08/2022 07:22 PM
Form Query: 8/1/22
Full Request: 8/8/22 (sent 8/8/22)
YA LGBTQ fantasy, 94k
08/02/2022 07:48 PM
Form Query: 7/11/22
Full Request: 8/2/22 (Sent same day)
YA Fantasy 89K
08/02/2022 01:53 PM
8/1 - query from DVpit request
8/2 - full request!!

80K YA historical fantasy
08/01/2022 09:20 PM
#DVpit Query: 8/1/2022
YA LGBTQ contemp fantasy, 75k
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