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Ms. Stacey Kondla

The Rights Factory

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Closed to Unsolicited Queries

Stacey Kondla

The Rights Factory

PO Box 499, Station C
Toronto, ON M6J 3P6
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
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General Fiction


Women's Issues
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Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
05/18/2022 07:15 PM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
03/01/2022 10:30 AM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
02/19/2022 08:14 AM
Submitted and got a rude as sh*t reply about how she “doesn’t usually give personalized feedback” but my ms wasn’t ready to query. I’ve been querying for months and have plenty of full requests, one agent and one editor R&R. If this was the first query response I had received I would have been devastated! Offer the craft advice and not unsolicited opinions about whether the ms is ready to query, Stacey. Also good riddance! I got lazy and didn’t do my research when I sent this query (got excited by mswl item) and I can’t imagine a scenario in which I would accept an offer from TRF anyway.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
02/08/2022 10:18 AM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
01/18/2022 02:28 PM
Query submitted 1/18/22

80k YA Paranormal Horror
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
01/08/2022 02:33 PM
Profile Update: Open to queries. Genres updated.
12/22/2021 08:21 PM
EQ 11/16/21 (referred by an editor)
FR 11/17/21
ER 12/22/21

MG time travel, 61,000 words
Very nice rejection with specific feedback.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
06/15/2021 09:26 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
04/08/2021 08:18 AM
EQ 3/24/21
ER 4/8/21
Not the right fit
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
01/06/2021 06:38 PM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
03/22/2020 02:30 PM
Got a full request back in 2018. Sent it to her. Tried touching base with her a few times. Never heard back. Obviously, I am the exception not the rule.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
03/21/2020 11:58 AM
Profile Update: Open to queries. Now using queryManager for queries. Genres updated.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
03/23/2019 06:09 PM
Profile Update: Closed to queries. (Thanks gooutsinging)
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
03/19/2019 07:10 PM
Profile Update: New online query form. Genres updated.
03/11/2019 10:20 AM
EQ March 2
96k upper YA contemporary
12/02/2018 05:43 PM
EQ 12.02.18
YA urban fantasy, 104k words
11/05/2018 09:43 AM
EQ: 3.20.18
FR: 3.21.18 -- "Thank you so much for your query. Your novel sounds interesting and I am a sucker for good Edwardian story. I would like to take a look at your manuscript if you could send it along to me."

7/3/18 - I told her I received an R&R from another agent, and she wanted me to re-send when completed. I've sent it!
9/7/18 - I received another R&R from another agent, and she wanted me to re-send when completed. (She said she's terribly behind on all submissions!)
10/10 - sent revised
11/5 - kind step-aside upon offer of rep

83K YA gothic mystery
09/19/2018 05:11 PM
MG Historical 27K
EQ: Online Form 9/11
ER: Form letter 9/19
Patrick (Admin)
06/01/2018 02:44 PM
Oops. Thanks saintsavant.
06/01/2018 02:39 PM
This agent has the wrong twitter name listed
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Last Update:
05/18/2022 - Closed to queries.
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