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Ms. Anne Tibbets

Donald Maass Literary Agency

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Closed to Unsolicited Queries

Anne Tibbets

Donald Maass Literary Agency

Los Angeles, CA
AALA Member:
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
This agent is seeking the following genres:


Women's Fiction
Young Adult
  • Young Adult, Historical


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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
01/16/2023 07:35 AM
Query submitted: 08/24/2022
Query open for 117; Nudged 11/30/2022
Adult horror, 57,700 words

EDIT: Query withdrawn 01/16/2023 to submit to other agent, assumed CNR
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
10/15/2022 07:12 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
09/13/2022 07:35 PM

I think you're fine querying through Query Manager--there would be greater clarity were she not wanting unsolicited at all. But definitely do not e-mail unless you've had prior contact or been referred.
09/13/2022 02:34 PM
Can someone please clarify: when is says "Anne is open to queries via Query Manager at https://QueryManager.com/AnneTibbets and personal referral only," does this mean that Anne is open to cold queries on QM, but only personal referrals go to her email? I don't want to get blacklisted!
08/04/2022 04:03 PM
Anne is open to queries via Query Manager at https://QueryManager.com/AnneTibbets and personal referral only:
Adult Contemporary Mystery: Amateur Investigator, and/or Police Procedural
Adult Horror: Psychological, Non-western monsters and settings
Women’s Fiction – Historical: sweeping, epic, romantic, and feminist
Romantic Action/Adventure
YA Historical: sweeping, epic, and feminist
Diversity: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, ability
08/03/2022 09:15 AM
I had a long old journey with Anne, and despite it not turning out well in the end, she seems like a good agent to work with.

FQ: 7/7/21
Full Reuqest: 8/11/21, sent same day
R&R: 10/19/21. There was a jarring moment in the book that Anne felt needed more work, but she was gracious enough to ask me to reqwork it and resubmit. This took me some time—I had a lot of queries and fulls out, and was apprehensive about making the changes right away—but she was bang on point with her feedback.
R&R submitted: 2/18/22
ER: 7/30/22. An extremely kind rejection, and one that took me by surprise. Anne was honest that there was nothing wrong with my book, she loved the writing, but wasn't confident in selling a debut urban fantasy.

Adult Historical/Urban Fantasy, 102,000 words
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
07/29/2022 10:42 PM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
07/29/2022 07:28 PM
EQ via online form: 7/23/21
PR (first fifty pages, sent same day): 8/25/21
ER: 9/21/21 (personally likes the story/characters, genre is in demand, but too short [publishers want 80k-90k]--will reconsider if I add ~15k)

Update: Submitted revised full (~82k words) on 1/10/22
Nudged on 4/20/22
Received response on 4/29/22 indicating that manuscript was still under consideration and to expect a response by the end of June--if no response, encouraged to nudge again
Nudged on 7/11/22
ER: 7/29/22

Similar to cwbuecheler, since Ms. Tibbets had expressed interest in reading the revision, I contacted her on Twitter and asked if she would be interested in reviewing the manuscript despite being currently closed to queries. She allowed it and gave a tentative timetable of at least three months.

Update: Form rejection on the revised full request. No real insight to share with everyone other than make sure your word counts are within average industry parameters. Good luck!

Adult horror at 68k words.
07/15/2022 03:58 PM
@Meels33: She means she wants a traditional summary that includes the full plot. She doesn't want cliffhangers in the summary at all. Some writers who are newer to querying are hesitant to include the full plot or they feel it should contain hooks and read like a short story all on its own. Nothing fancy. She just wants the whole plot.
07/12/2022 05:22 PM
Can someone tell me what her request that the synopsis includes a full summary with spoilers of the beginning middle and end mean? eg. Does she mean a separate paragraph before the actual synopsis with just a summary of those things -- or is she requesting the in the synopsis there are spoilers for the beg, middle and end? Sorry to be so obtuse!
06/24/2022 12:00 AM
Query: 6/9/22
Nudged with offer of rep on 6/22. Kind rejection/step aside the same day. Appreciate her quick response!
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
06/21/2022 05:40 PM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
06/01/2022 04:56 AM
Profile Update: Genres updated.
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
05/31/2022 08:03 PM
Profile Update: Open to queries.
02/09/2022 07:46 PM
EQ: 2/9/22
Dark Fantasy, 96k

Anne's currently closed to queries but she's requested two previous fulls and we've communicated quite a bit since then, so I asked if she'd be interested in taking a look and she said yes.
11/30/2021 08:08 AM
Query sent: 10/19/2021
Form Rejection: 11/29/2021
Sci-Fi 83K
11/30/2021 12:50 AM
FQ: 23 October 2021
Personalised rejection: 30 November.
Fantasy 77k.
11/29/2021 06:03 PM
Query Fantasy with scifi horror 81k 10/23
Rejection: 11/29 With a nice letter. "Thank you for the query. Unfortunately, I did not creatively connect with the concept of this particular submission and I'm going to pass. Of course, other /agents may feel differently. I wish you the best of luck in your search for representation.
Best Regards,"
11/14/2021 03:39 PM
Per website:

Please check back in June of 2022."
Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
11/01/2021 08:22 PM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
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10/15/2022 - Closed to queries.
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