Ms. Savannah Brooks

KT Literary

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Savannah Brooks

KT Literary

New York, NY
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Closed to Unsolicited Queries
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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this agent.
05/11/2023 02:35 PM
We're all entitled to our own opinions, but blasting querying authors on Twitter while suggesting that we are hobbyists without the same business mindset as agents...Well, that's not somebody I'd ever want to work with. Absolutely unprofessional.

Link for full context:
05/11/2023 12:43 PM
I'm an old fart who has started writing since I retired. I've since written two manuscripts and have been rejected by agents hundreds of times. I keep trying the traditional route since I have a sense of how hard it would be to try to self-publish successfully. When employed, I worked in commercial business as well as for the federal government. Therefore, I bring a different life experience to this than some of you. I don't need a publishing income, but it sure would be nice to be paid/recognized for all the work I've put into writing. And of course I feel that my story deserves to get out there, and people would push down the doors of the bookstore to get it if only an agent would take it on. We all feel that way, I suspect, but the reality is that many new products don't make it on the store shelves, and many books don't make it on the bookstore shelves.

I read as much of the tweet thread (below) as I needed to get a sense of it. While I will say that everything I read is probably more or less true on both 'sides' of the story, both sides also seem to be a bit clueless to the sensitivities of the other side. Actually, I perceive that the post by the agent that started things off was intended to deal with the perception of agent cold-heartedness, explaining that it might be an opinion based on a lack of understanding, which she then tried to remedy. That blew up in her face, but I don't think she intended to put anyone down. Understanding the other person's point of view and role in the big picture is important in all aspects of life; this case highlights that an agent could benefit from walking a few miles in an author's shoes as much as an author could benefit from the agent's deeper understanding of her side of the job.

I suspect she won't ever post that sort of thing again.
05/11/2023 10:03 AM
To anyone thinking about querying Savannah do with this information what you will...

She just wrote a twitter thread stating that for agents selling books is a career, but for authors writing is a passion.

Link for full context:
01/27/2023 03:53 PM
FQ: 11/28/22
Form Rejection: 1/8/23
Contemporary Fiction 100k
01/12/2023 11:41 PM
08/09/22 FQ
10/29/22 Full request
YA speculative 81k

01/11/23- Withdrew manuscript, informed her about new project.
01/12/23- Full request for new project
YA fantasy
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