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Listing Requirements

To be considered for listing on QueryTracker, an agent must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have at least 2 sales reported on Publisher's Marketplace to qualifying publishers* within the previous twelve months.
  • Be an employee at an agency that is already listed on QT.

Negative ratings from Writers Beware or other industry watch groups will prevent an agent from being listed.

New agencies with less than one year in operation may not be listed, unless the principals of that agency previously qualified for listing.

* Publishers who work with unrepresented authors do not qualify.

* Deals involving only international rights do not qualify.

QueryTracker reserves the right to not list any agent or agency who can not be properly vetted with confirmable third-party information.

Charging fees (directly or indirectly) to clients, other than a standard commission, will disqualify an agency from being listed.