Data Explorer

The Data Explorer shows a tabular view of the raw query and submission data collected for an individual agent. Data can be sorted and searched according to your selected criteria.

Note: Though this tutorial references agents, the process is the same for publishers.

To view an agent's data explorer, click the "Data Explorer" button on the agent's profile page.

You can also view an agent's data explorer by clicking the data icon on the agent's page.

Note: The "Data View Mode" on the search page must be set to "General" before the icon will appear on the agent's page.

You can also choose between viewing data for queries and data for submissions.

What's the difference between a query and a submission?

A query is the initial inquiry sent to an agent (or publisher) to gauge their interest in your book.

If the agent likes your query, they will request to read all or part of your book. Sending your pages back to the agent during this phase is referred to as the submission.

Even if you send pages with your initial query, it is not considered a submission. A submission only happens after the agent replies to the query with a request.

Use the column selectors to filter the data list.

For example, choose a genre in the genre selector to only see data for books of that genre.

Filter options are:

  • Genre of the book being queried.
  • Word count of the book being queried.
  • How the query or submission was sent (email, form, etc.)
  • When the query or submission was sent.
  • The reply from the agent (rejection, partial request, etc.)
  • When the reply was received.

Change the sort order of the data by clicking any column heading.

Click once to sort by that column. Click a second time to reverse the sort order.