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QueryTracker Privacy Policy

Information Collected

All information collected is specifically provided by you, the user.

How Your Information is Used

Analytics data can be used to improve the user experience of the site, debug problems, and assist with support issues.

Your information is never shared, sold, or distributed in any way to any other party, unless we are required by law to do so.

The information you record about your queries is presented to other users in the form of various reports and charts. This information is always anonymous.

Your information (personal or query history) is never shared with agents or publishers, except through the anonymous reports available to all members.

There are only a few cases where your information will not be anonymous. Those are:

  1. Posting comments on an agent's profile page will include your username. Anything you post in those comment sections can be read by anyone visiting QueryTracker.

  2. Your name and username will also be made public as part of a "Success Story" interview if you volunteer to provide one.


Your QueryTracker login and password are stored on our system. The password is encrypted so no one (not even us) can read it. This is how we protect your password, even if our system is hacked. Though no amount of security can protect against all data breaches, everything that can be done is done to protect your account. These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of data, but NO GUARANTEE CAN BE MADE THAT YOUR INFORMATION AND DATA WILL BE SECURE FROM INTRUSIONS AND UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE TO THIRD PARTIES.

It is also your responsibility to protect your QueryTracker login and password information on your end.


We use cookies but we never store any personal information in them. (more about cookies)

Cancellation or Termination of Your Account

If you delete your account, or your account is removed by us, it will be immediately removed from the website. But the query activity you recorded in the system will remain in the database and contained in various query reports. All data presented in these reports is anonymous. Your personal data, though deleted from the system, will remain in our backups until the backups expire and are overwritten by new backups.

The full removal of all query data can be accomplished upon request by the user.

Upon request, your query data can be sent to you in the form of a CSV file.

Accessing and Updating Personal Information

You can change or delete all of your personal information on QueryTracker from the QueryTracker Settings page. For security reasons, QueryTracker can not change personal information based on email requests.

Changes to this Policy

If we change anything of real significance in this policy, we'll notify you via the in-app notification system.