Frequently Asked Questions - QueryManager for Authors

Do I have to join something in order to send a query to an agent or publisher using QueryManager?
No. There is nothing to join and no complicated profiles to maintain. Simply go to the agent's or publisher's custom query form to send your query.
This is free for agents and publishers, but you're gonna charge us authors, right?
Absolutely not. You should never have to pay for the right to send a query. If anyone wants to charge you for something like that, run away.
Can I check the status of my query?
Yes. After you submit your query, you'll be given a custom link which will take you to the status page for your query. You'll also receive the link in a confirmation E-Mail.
Does that mean other people can see the status of my query?
No, your query information is private. Your Query Status Link contains a secret code which is only given to you. So don't lose that link.
What if I lose my Query Status Link?
I just told you not to lose it.
But what if I do?
You can recover a lost link by going to and providing your E-Mail address and the title of the book. The link will be sent to your E-Mail address.
If I change my mind for some reason, can I withdraw my query after it is sent?
Yes. Your query status page will contain a button which allows you to withdraw.
Can I inform agents using QueryManager when I receive an offer of representation from another agent?
Yes. Your query status page will contain a button which allows you to do this.
What if my file is too large to upload?

Files on QueryManger are limited to 2MB in size. Anything larger will not be accepted. A typical manuscript will usually be much smaller than that, but if your file contains images it may be too large. In some cases, Microsoft Word can also bloat a file and make it too large. Solutions for either situation are below.

Usually, during querying, the agents and publishers will only want to see one or two example images to begin with. So you can remove all but a few sample images from your upload. Later, if interested, the agent/publisher will request the rest.

If the images are still too large, you should lower the resolution of the images.

For reducing the filesize of Word files (with or without images) please go to

How do I tell QueryTracker to automatically track my QueryManager queries?
Here's an article that explains the process: