Save & Restore Filters

Whenever you create a set of search filters on the agent search page, you can save those settings so you can immediately recall and reuse them later.

Note: Though this tutorial references agents, the process is the same for publishers.

Saving Search Filters:

First, apply the search settings you want saved by selecting any of the search-filter options. If no options are selected, you won't be able to save anything.

Click "Save" to bring up the "Save Search Filters" window.

In the field provided, give the filter-set a unique name.

Click "Save". Filters are saved and ready to be reused whenever you need them.

Restoring Search Filters:

When you want to restore a previously saved set of search filters, click "Restore" to bring up the "Restore Search Filters" window.

Select the name of the filter set from the list.

Click "Restore". All currently applied filters (if any) will be removed and the saved filters will be applied.

Deleting Search Filters:

If you no longer need a saved filter set, you can delete it.

Click "Restore" to bring up the "Restore Search Filters" window, then choose the filter set to delete by selecting its name in the list.

Click the red trashcan icon.