Tracking Queries

The query process can take a long time, and you can end up querying hundreds of agents. So it's important to keep clear records about who you queried and when.

QueryTracker uses an easy icon system to help you keep track of your queries.

Each agent you query is assigned an icon that represents the state of that query.

For instance, a green happy face means you received a positive reply from the agent. And a red sad face means it was a negative reply.

Here are some common icons you'll see...

The agent has been added to your Query List, but no query sent.

The query was sent via E-Mail.

The query was sent via online form.

The query was sent via QueryManager form.

The agent requested a full manuscript.

The query was rejected.

The query was closed due to no response. Implied rejection.

View full list of icons.

Check the box to add an agent to your query list.

Your query list is simply that, a list of all the agents you want to query, or have queried.

Whenever you need to change the status of a query, just click the icon.

The Query Status Window will appear.

This is where you record how and when you sent a query.

After you record your query, a new section in yellow will appear where you can record the agent's reply.