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Entangled Publishing

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Entangled Publishing

Denver, CO
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Chick Lit


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Author Comments
Comments by authors about this publisher.
11/20/2023 12:33 PM
How do you nudge? I submitted through Submittable and I'm not sure how to send a follow-up message through there. I've reached the initial 60 mark and would like to nudge. Does anyone know how to message on Submittable?
10/14/2023 11:47 AM
Query: 28 August 2023

#DVPit like from Lydia Sharp 13 October 2023

Response from Lydia, and Lydia assisted me by changing my submission from Amy to her after I sent a query, synopsis, and partial request: 14 October 2023

My submission would’ve sat in the “slush pile” and ultimately would’ve been a pass from Amy. I’d encourage any author that submits to Entangled to see if after a pass, that they inquire about resubmitting to a different editor.
09/26/2023 09:45 AM
Lightly encouraging but probably form rejection, almost 5 months. I had to nudge twice, once after the initial 60 days and then again about 2.5 months later.
09/13/2023 02:44 PM
Follow-up: I have spoken with several authors who submitted to Entangled. Not one has received an offer. They all experienced the same pattern described below. Submit, wait for months, follow up, receive a form letter from Lydia Sharp requesting more time, wait several more months or even a year, follow up, receive the same robotic form letter requesting more time. Interesting to note that Lydia's books are published by Entangled. For everyone else, the submission process appears to be a waste of time. If I'm wrong, (authors and/or Entangled), please respond with success stories. If there are none, why is Entangled accepting submissions? Based on the feedback I have received from authors and that I see here, I'm not going to submit my work to this publisher. Their process seems to be a joke/mind game.

Has anyone here ever been offered a deal with Entangled? Based on these comments, it looks like the publisher's system is to string authors along with requests for more time and then ultimately reject with a fake form letter (I say fake because the comments here state that they all got the same letter with identical, vague feedback). I was thinking about submitting to them, but the comments here have me concerned. Has anyone had a good experience with this publisher? Please share! It would be helpful for me to make my decision.

09/06/2023 09:52 AM
Submitted 5/5/22
Note asking for more time: 7/7/22
I revised so much that I asked about resubbing and they let me resubmit the revised MS 2.20.23.
Nudged 9.5.23.
Form rejection 9.6.23.

Fantasy romance 99K words

Do they add this clause to all rejections? It sounds positive, but I'm wondering if everyone hears the same thing:

"In the meantime, please keep us in mind for your next project. We highly encourage you to keep writing, and we'd love to see more from you in the future."

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