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Getting Started

QueryTracker Overview

A quick look at how QueryTracker works and how it can help you find an agent.

Searching for Agents

Basic Searching

Learn how to use the Basic Search Tools to find literary agents and publishers.

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Advanced Search Tools

This video explains how to use the Advanced Search tools available to Premium Members.

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Your Query List

Adding Agents to your Query List

Learn how to add agents to your Query List from either the agent search page or the agent's profile page.

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Query List Tour

This video takes you on a tour of the Query List page.

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Tracking Queries

This video shows you how to record and track your queries.

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Intro to Reports

Learn how to view different reports about individual agents.

Premium Features

Working with Multiple Projects

This video explains what a project is, creating and modifying projects, and adding agents to query lists for different projects.

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The Query Timeline

This video shows the Agent's Query Timeline in action. How to use it and how to interpret some different possible results.

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Agent Reply Data

In this video we'll look at the agent reply data, which is part of the agent search page. It lets you sort the list of agents based on the number of queries they've received and the number of read requests they offer.

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