Ms. Saritza Hernandez

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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Saritza Hernandez

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

New York, NY
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Tara Lain
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Profile Update

Patrick (Admin)
03/31/2024 11:00 AM
Profile Update: Closed to queries.
03/21/2024 10:26 PM
Unsurprisingly, a form letter rejection.
With that, the entire agency is now on my do-not-query list.

03/19/2024 11:35 AM
After doing this for a year, I've had queries take 238 days, 210 days, 132 days, 100-105 days, etc. So I get the whole waiting process thing. I've certainly done quite a bit of it since starting with QT. But I'm just looking at the data on this one. In the last 6 months, there have been three full requests in the Fantasy category. One of which was after my submission. All three happened in 20 days or less and all three ultimately ended in rejections. It's pretty fair to say, based on all of that, that the odds aren't exactly in my favor on this one. And whether it's a rejection or a CNR, it's a distinction without a difference in the fact that either one means that this entire agency goes on my do-not-query list for this novel, in order to abide by their guidelines.
03/19/2024 10:48 AM
@RD1981 My longest query is at 63 days. I know that some agencies take up to 12 weeks or so for a response. Andrea Brown Lit's submission page says response time is up to 10-12 weeks so I wouldn't give up just yet
03/19/2024 12:42 AM
55 days in and still nothing. And their website apparently has a 3 strikes rule. If you get a no from one agent, you can try two more before you'll get auto-rejected for violating their guidelines. I already have two strikes, at this point, so I put the entire agency on my do-not-query list, with my last chance for this manuscript (at this agency) being with Saritza. But with 55 days in and no response, I'm going to be pretty damn annoyed if my third strike is the result of a CNR. But the way the timeline looks, that's likely going to be the case. Since I started using this site, my rejection count has now gotten disturbingly close to three digits, so I've lost any of that naive hope of being in "maybe" piles, at this point. But the only thing worse than a rejection is a CNR, and I have far too many of those, as it is.
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03/31/2024 - Closed to queries.
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