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How can I change my username, E-Mail address or password?

You can change all of your account settings at any time by going to the "Settings" menu at the top of the page and then selecting "Account Settings." There you can change your username and many other account related items. Go there now.


Can I track queries to agents or publishers not on QueryTracker, or can I suggest an agent or publisher be added to QueryTracker?

You can suggest agents for our list by going to the "Agents" pull-down menu and selecting "Suggest an Agent" (Go there now). This will allow you to enter the agent's information. Once that agent has been approved by QueryTracker, he/she will be listed and you will receive an email informing you of where to find him/her.

If the agent is not approved for listing (we have a very strict vetting process) you still have the option of adding the agent as a "private" listing, which means only you will see that agent listed. You must be a premium member to add private listing.

Suggesting and adding publishers works the same way, but you use the "Suggest a Publisher" page found on the publisher's menu instead.

Where can I find help with writing my query letter?

Start with our short introduction here. The QueryTracker Blog also has many useful articles about query writing, and our forum has a section dedicated to helping perfect query letters.


The agent or publisher search results are blank, or only show a certain subset of results and won't change?

You may have some search criteria inadvertently set. Try clearing all search criteria by clicking the link labeled Remove Search Filters.


My query list is blank, or certain agents/publishers are not listed and I know they should be there?

There are a couple of things that may be causing this.

  • First off, make sure, if you are looking for agents, that you are on the query list for agents and not on the one for publishers.
  • Second, you may have inadvertently set some search criteria/filters. Try clearing all search criteria by clicking the link labeled Remove Search Filters.
  • If you are a premium member with more than one project created, make sure you are looking at the correct project.
  • And if that still doesn't work, make sure you haven't archived the query in question. Click the checkbox Archived Queries, to reveal all archived queries.
Where does QT get its information about agents and publishers, and how often is it updated?

Agent's contact information and submission guidelines typically come directly off the agent's website. We then periodically check each profile to ensure that the information is current. We also depend heavily on QT's members to inform us whenever they discover a change. All information provided by our members is confirmed before any changes are made to an agent's profile.

I have information about changes to an agent's profile. How do I contact you with the changes?

You can send a message using our contact form, or enter the information in the comment section on that agent's profile.

Where does QT get the statistics about agent and publisher queries?

All query and submission statistics come from the information entered by QueryTracker's members. This information is anonymous and consists of the dates queries were sent, the dates of their replies and the nature of the replies.

I would like to support QueryTracker, is there a way to make a cash donation?

A lot of websites take donations from members in order to support the costs of maintaining the site. But, QueryTracker believes that anyone who supports the site should receive something special back in return. That's why we created Premium Subscriptions. For only $25 per year you can become a premium member, and receive lots of cool and useful tools to help you with your agent search. Learn more about premium membership.

PayPal canceled my premium membership. Why and what happens now?

PayPal will often cancel subscriptions if you change anything about your payment method with them, even if it is something as simple as updating the expiration date of your credit card.

PayPal's cancellation does not cancel your premium subscription. It will continue for the entire one year period for which you subscribed. The only real effect PayPal's cancellation will have is that they will not automatically renew your subscription when the year is up. You will receive an email notification from QueryTracker 30 days prior to your subscription's expiration, so you can renew manually should you wish to do so.


How do I export or print by query list?

Open the "Queries" pull-down menu by clicking the down-arrow on the "Queries" button at the top of the page, then click either "Export" or "Print".

Please note that exporting and printing is only available to premium members.


I started querying for a new book and want to copy my old query list to a new project. Can I do that?

Yes. At the bottom of the Project Settings Page is a button to copy a query list from one project to another.


How do I access the Project Settings Page?

Open the "Settings" pull-down menu by clickng the down-arrow on the "Settings" button at the top of the page, then click "Project Settings"


What is the meaning of the different abbreviations some people put in the comments?

Actually, I'd rather people not put that information in the comments. It's supposed to go in the official tracking system, where it can be sorted and organized. 

But, since people do still post there, I'll include the "unofficial" abbreviations here:

  • EQ - Electronic (Email) Query
  • ER - Electronic (Email) Rejection
  • FR - Full Request 
  • PR - Partial Request 
  • CNR - Closed/ No Response
  • R&R - Revise and Resubmit
Where can I get more help?

Our demonstration videos are very helpful, and you can contact us here if you have any other questions.