Agency Notes - Help

You may have a situation where a note applies to all agents at an agency, and not just a single agent.

In that case, you can add an "Agency Note". Unlike regular notes, which get attached to a single agent, agency notes can be added once, then they automatically appear on all the agents at that same agency.

The agency note icon can be found in the right sidebar on the agent's profile page.

You can also find the agency note icon on the agent search page as shown here.

Note: The "Data View Mode" on the search page must be set to "General," before the agency note icon will appear on the agent's page.

Enter your note, then save.

This is a private note. No one else can see it. If you'd like to post messages for other members to view, use the "Comment" section on the agent's profile page.

You can also create notes for individual agents/queries. Learn more about query notes.

After saving an agency note, the notebook icon will turn green for every agent at that same agency.

You can change the note by clicking any of the green notebook icons.