Agency Queries - Help

It's important to remember which agencies you have already queried, because many agencies have policies against querying multiple agents at the same agency.

QueryTracker's Agency Queries feature will keep track of them for you.

Whenever you record a query in QueryTracker, a cross-reference is automatically created for all the other agents at that same agency.

Then, when you view an agent, you'll see one or more red checkmarks near the agent's name.

A single red checkmark means you already have one query sent to this agency.

Two red checkmarks mean you already have two queries sent to this agency.

And two red checkmarks with a plus (+) means you already have three or more queries sent to this agency.

By default, QueryTracker only counts the queries if they are in the same project. (see projects)

If you want QT to count all queries, regardless of project, check the box for Count Agency Queries for all Projects found on the agent search page and on the account settings page.

Click the checkmarks to see a list of the queries.