Query Notes - Help

You can easily keep private notes about any agent/query in your query list.

First, make sure you've added the agent to your query list. Once that is done, you'll see a little post-it note icon for each agent. It will appear on the Agent Search Page, as well as the agent's profile page.

Clicking that icon will allow you to create a private note that will be saved to that agent's query.

Anytime you want to view the note, just click the icon again.

Note: Though this tutorial references agents, the process is the same for publishers.

The notes icon can be found in the right sidebar on the agent's profile page, but only if the agent has been added to your query list.

You can also find the notes icon on the agent search page as shown here.

Note: The "Data View Mode" on the search page must be set to "General," and the agent added to your query list before the notes icon will appear on the agent's page.

Enter your note, then save.

This is a private note. No one else can see it. If you'd like to post messages for other members to view, use the "Comment" section on the agent's profile page.

You can also create agency-wide notes. These are notes that will appear on all the agents at the same agency. Learn more about agency notes.

After saving a note, the note icon will be displayed in green.

On Phones or Small Screens

When on a phone or small screen, the right sidebar on the agent's profile page will be hidden to save room.

To make the sidebar appear, tap the "more" tab.

On Phones or Small Screens

On the agent search page, the search results are compressed when viewing the page from a phone or small screen.

So, you'll find the notes icon below the agent's name, instead of on the right side.