Private Listings - Help

What are Private Listings?

Private Listings are agents or publishers you have added to the QT database for your use only.

No other members can view or interact with the private listings that you have added.

This is useful if there is an agent or publisher you would like to query and track, but they are not listed in our regular database.

Once added, private listings will appear in the agent/publisher listings as if they were a regular listing, except no one else can see them except you.

They will also have their own profile page, just like a regular listing.

Premium members can create an unlimited number of private listings.

Please note that this document refers to private agent listings, but the same procedures can be followed for private publisher listings.

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Creating Private Listings

Private listings are created and managed on the "Private Listings" setup page.

To access the Private Listings Setup Page for agents, open the "Agents" pull-down menu at the top of the page by clicking the arrow on the Agents button. Then choose "Private Listings" from the menu.

For publishers, do the same but on the "Publishers" button.

On the Private Listings Setup Page, click the green button labeled "Create a New Private Listing".

Complete the presented form, then click "save".

All fields are optional. Enter as much, or as little, information as you may need.

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Using Private Listings

Once created, private listings will appear on the agent search page just like a regular listing. You can add them to your query lists and track their queries like you would any regular listing.

Private listings will be identified with a lock icon next to their name.

Even though your private listings now exist in the database, they are not yet in any of your query lists.

Click the "Query Status" circle icon to add the agent to your query list, just like you would if the agent were a regular listing.

You can also interact with the agent on the "Private Listings" page.

If you need a private listing added to more of your query lists, change to the appropriate project before clicking the circle icon to add the agent to your list.

Learn more about projects.

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Editing Private Listings

You can change the information for a private listing at any time.

First, go to the "Private Listings" setup page as described above.

Then, click the appropriate pencil icon for the agent you want to change.

This will take you to the agent form where you can modify and add information such as the agent's name, agency, genres, links, etc.

You can also edit a private listing from the agent's profile page.

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Deleting Private Listings

To delete a private listing, First, go to the "Private Listings" setup page as described above.

Then, click the appropriate trashcan icon for the agent you want to delete.

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