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Tags - Help

Tags allow you to add another layer of organization to your queries.

You can create different tags, assign them any meaning you require, then attach those tags to your queries.

Some examples of uses for tags:

Members with free accounts can define up to two tags, and assign only one tag to each query.

Premium members can define up to 50 different tags, and assign up to eight tags to each query. Learn more about Premium Subscriptions.

Note: Though these instructions mention agents, the process is the same if you're working with publisher listings.

(Prior to the 2023 upgrade of QueryTracker, tags were known as folders. The biggest difference was that a query could only be assigned to a single folder. But now that they are known as tags, up to eight tags can be assigned to any query.)

Look for the Tag Icon

If no tag is assigned to that query, the tag icon will be an empty circle.

After you assign a tag, the icon will change to that of the assigned tag. If multiple tags are assigned, they'll all show together.

Note: You must add the agent to your query list before the tag icon will appear. (How to add agents to your query list.)

Tags are unique per project. So, assigning a tag to a query in one project does NOT assign it for other projects.

Anytime you want to view or change tags, just click the tag icon.

Look for the Tag Icon

You'll also find the tag icon on the right side of the agent search page.

Note: The "Data View Mode" must be set to "General" and the agent added to your query list before the tag icon will appear on the agent's page.

Assigning Tags

After clicking the tag icon , you'll be presented with a pop-up window with a list of all defined tags.

Check the box to assign that tag to the current query.

If you're a Premium Member, you can assign up to 8 tags to any single query.

Managing Tags

To create new tags, or change existing tags, click the "Manage Tags" link.

Managing Tags

On the Manage Tags page, you'll see a list of all your tags. Click the name of a tag to edit that tag.

Deleting Tags

To delete a tag, click the associated trashcan icon.

Note: Deleting a tag will NOT delete any queries that happen to be assigned that tag. The queries will still exist, they just won't have that tag attached to them anymore.

Creating New Tags

To create a new tag, click the New Tag button

Premium members can create up to 50 tags. Free members are limited to 2 tags.

New Tag Name

Give new tags a name and an optional description.

New Tag Color and Icon

Each tag can be assigned a color and a graphic icon. Wherever that tag is used, it will be shown with that color icon.

On Phones or Small Screens

When on a phone or small screen, the right sidebar on the agent's profile page will be hidden to save room.

To make the sidebar appear, tap the "more" tab.

On Phones or Small Screens

On the agent search page, the search results are compressed when viewing the page from a phone or small screen.

So, you'll find the tag icon in the bottom section instead of the right side.