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Our agent listings are constantly updated and maintained. Here's what happened recently...

Updated Listings

(The 20 Newest Agent Updates)

Abby Saul of The Lark Group 01/21/2022: Open to queries.
Victoria Cappello of The Bent Agency 01/21/2022: Genres updated.
Ernie Chiara of Fuse Literary 01/21/2022: Genres updated.
Carlisle Webber of Fuse Literary 01/20/2022: Open to queries.
Steven Chudney of The Chudney Agency 01/20/2022: Open to queries.
Adriana Dominguez of Full Circle Literary, LLC 01/20/2022: No longer listed on the agency website.
Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency, LLC 01/19/2022: Open to queries.
Justin Brouckaert of Aevitas Creative Management 01/19/2022: Open to queries. Genres updated.
Caitlin White of Emerald City Literary Agency 01/19/2022: Open to queries.
Liz Nealon of Great Dog Literary 01/19/2022: Closed to queries.
Amelia Appel of Triada US Literary Agency 01/18/2022: Open to queries. Now using QueryManager. Genres updated.
Hannah Andrade of Bradford Literary Agency 01/17/2022: Open to queries.
Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency, Inc. 01/17/2022: Open to queries.
Tara Gilbert of Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency 01/17/2022: Closed to queries.
Madelyn Burt of Stonesong 01/16/2022: Open to queries.
Shannon Hassan of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC 01/16/2022: Open to queries.
Lori Steel of Raven Quill Literary Agency 01/16/2022: Open to queries.
Lydia Silver of Darley Anderson Literary 01/15/2022: Genres updated.
Leslie Truex of Blue Ridge Literary Agency 01/15/2022: Closed to queries.
Kate Garrick of Salky Literary Management 01/14/2022: Open to queries.