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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Rowan Lawton - The Soho Agency
Mark Lucas - The Soho Agency
Philippa Milnes-Smith - The Soho Agency
Niamh O'Grady - The Soho Agency
Alice Saunders - The Soho Agency
Araminta Whitley - The Soho Agency
Anne Glusker - The Spieler Agency
Victoria Shoemaker - The Spieler Agency
Joe Spieler - The Spieler Agency
John Thornton - The Spieler Agency
Tamela Hancock Murray - The Steve Laube Agency
Bob Hostetler - The Steve Laube Agency
Steve Laube - The Steve Laube Agency
Andrew Stuart - The Stuart Agency
Laura Susijn - The Susijn Agency
Michelle Tessler - The Tessler Literary Agency
Kelly Dyksterhouse - The Tobias Literary Agency
Sarah N. Fisk - The Tobias Literary Agency
Lane Heymont - The Tobias Literary Agency
Jacqueline Lipton - The Tobias Literary Agency
Natascha Morris - The Tobias Literary Agency
Ann Rose - The Tobias Literary Agency
Stefanie Rossitto - The Tobias Literary Agency
Christine Tomasino - The Tomasino Agency, Inc.
Robbie Guillory - The Underline Literary Agency
Jen Nadol - The Unter Agency
Jennifer Unter - The Unter Agency
Charlie Viney - The Viney Agency
Kimberly Whalen - The Whalen Agency
Amy Williams - The Williams Company
Jin Auh - The Wylie Agency
Sarah Chalfant - The Wylie Agency
Andrew Wylie - The Wylie Agency
Andrew Zack - The Zack Company, Inc.
Jess Hoare - The Zoe Pagnamenta Agency
Zoe Pagnamenta - The Zoe Pagnamenta Agency
Kiele Raymond - Thompson Literary Agency
Meg Thompson - Thompson Literary Agency
John Thorn - Thompson Literary Agency
Samantha Wekstein - Thompson Literary Agency
Tracy Brown - Tracy Brown Literary Agency
Elizabeth Bennett - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Marilyn Biderman - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Sandra Bishop - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Evan Brown - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Laura Cameron - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Andrea Cascardi - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Chandler Crawford - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Alexandra D'Amico - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Brenna English-Loeb - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Noelle Falcis Math - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Carolyn Forde - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Samantha Haywood - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Fiona Kenshole - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Chelene Knight - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Amanda Orozco - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Amy Tompkins - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Timothy Travaglini - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Leonicka Valcius - Transatlantic Literary Agency
Michelle Brower - Trellis Literary Management
Stephanie Delman - Trellis Literary Management
Natalie Edwards - Trellis Literary Management
Allison Hunter - Trellis Literary Management
Danya Kukafka - Trellis Literary Management
Allison Malecha - Trellis Literary Management
Dana Murphy - Trellis Literary Management
Mariah Stovall - Trellis Literary Management
Amelia Appel - Triada US Literary Agency
Laura Crockett - Triada US Literary Agency
Ashley Reisinger - Triada US Literary Agency
Uwe Stender - Triada US Literary Agency
Brent Taylor - Triada US Literary Agency
Renee Jarvis - Triangle House
Kima Jones - Triangle House
Monika Woods - Triangle House
Nicole Tugeau - Tugeau 2, Inc.
Peter McGuigan - Ultra Literary
Kirsten Neuhaus - Ultra Literary
Christina Clifford - Union Literary
Jenni Ferrari-Adler - Union Literary

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