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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Caroline Sheldon - Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency
Carolyn Swayze - Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency Ltd.
Kirsten Hall - Catbird Agency
Cathy Hemming - Cathy Hemming Literary Agency
Terra Chalberg - Chalberg & Sussman
Rachel Sussman - Chalberg & Sussman
Charlotte Sheedy - Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency
Farley Chase - Chase Literary Agency
Cherry Weiner - Cherry Weiner Literary Agency
Chris Calhoun - Chris Calhoun Agency
Christine Green - Christine Green Authors' Agent
Mary Alice Kier - Cine/Lit Representation
Claire Gerus - Claire Gerus Literary Agency
Claire Roberts - Claire Roberts Global Literary Management
Heather Schroder - Compass Talent
Crystal Orazu - Context Literary Agency
Monica Rodriguez - Context Literary Agency
Tamar Rydzinski - Context Literary Agency
Jessica Sinsheimer - Context Literary Agency
Kristina Sutton-Lennon - Context Literary Agency
Suzanne Brandreth - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Cody Caetano - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Dean Cooke - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Ron Eckel - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Hana El Niwairi - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Sally Harding - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Rachel Letofsky - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Anne McDermid - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Paige Sisley - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Martha Webb - Cooke McDermid Literary Agency
Zoe Apostolides - Coombs Moylett MacLean Literary Agency
Elena Langtry - Coombs Moylett MacLean Literary Agency
Jamie Maclean - Coombs Moylett MacLean Literary Agency
Lisa Moylett - Coombs Moylett MacLean Literary Agency
Elizabeth Copps - Copps Literary Services
Chelsey Emmelhainz - Copps Literary Services
Maeve MacLysaght - Copps Literary Services
Nicole Payne - Copps Literary Services
Marisa Corvisiero - Corvisiero Literary Agency
Tessa Shaffer - Corvisiero Literary Agency
Rachel Ekstrom Courage - Courage Literary
Lola Bellier - Creative Artists Agency
Mollie Glick - Creative Artists Agency
Cait Hoyt - Creative Artists Agency
Alexandra Machinist - Creative Artists Agency
Anthony Mattero - Creative Artists Agency
Alex Rice - Creative Artists Agency
Carlos Segarra - Creative Artists Agency
Cindy Uh - Creative Artists Agency
Abby Walters - Creative Artists Agency
Emily Westcott - Creative Artists Agency
Isabel Atherton - Creative Authors Ltd
Haley Casey - Creative Media Agency
Megan Frayser - Creative Media Agency
Shannon Snow - Creative Media Agency
Paige Wheeler - Creative Media Agency
Cullen Stanley - Cullen Stanley International
Felicity Blunt - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Sheila Crowley - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Ciara Finan - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Jonny Geller - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Viola Hayden - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Jonathan Lloyd - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Alice Lutyens - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Lucy Morris - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Cathryn Summerhayes - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Karolina Sutton - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Stephanie Thwaites - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Gordon Wise - Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Grace Heifetz - Curtis Brown, Australia
Fiona Inglis - Curtis Brown, Australia
Pippa Masson - Curtis Brown, Australia
Tara Wynne - Curtis Brown, Australia
Laura Blake Peterson - Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Kerry D'Agostino - Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Katherine Fausset - Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Alexandra Franklin - Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Peter Ginsberg - Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Elizabeth Harding - Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Ginger Knowlton - Curtis Brown, Ltd.

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