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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Charlotte Wenger - Prospect Agency
Nelle Andrew - Rachel Mills Literary
Rachel Mills - Rachel Mills Literary
Jamie Vankirk - Rainbow Nerds
Keith Korman - Raines & Raines
Joan Raines - Raines & Raines
Rebecca Carter - Rebecca Carter Literary
Rebecca Friedman - Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Juliana McBride - Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Eve Adler - Red Fox Literary
Stephanie Fretwell-Hill - Red Fox Literary
Karen Grencik - Red Fox Literary
Jennie Kendrick - Red Fox Literary
Jenna Pocius - Red Fox Literary
Abigail Samoun - Red Fox Literary
Lori Steel - Red Fox Literary
Sarah Stephens - Red Fox Literary
Dawn Frederick - Red Sofa Literary
Peter Cox - Redhammer Management Ltd
Taj McCoy - Rees Literary Agency
Kelly Peterson - Rees Literary Agency
Rebecca Podos - Rees Literary Agency
Lorin Rees - Rees Literary Agency
Claire Anderson-Wheeler - Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Markus Hoffmann - Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Elianna Kan - Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Joe Regal - Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Stephanie Steiker - Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Regina Ryan - Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises
Alan Nevins - Renaissance Literary & Talent
Berta Treitl - Renaissance Literary & Talent
Rick Broadhead - Rick Broadhead & Associates Literary Agency
Rick Raftos - Rick Raftos Management
Rick Margolis - Rising Bear Literary Agency
Rita Rosenkranz - Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency
Richard Florest - Rob Weisbach Creative Management
Rob Weisbach - Rob Weisbach Creative Management
Robert Caskie - Robert Caskie, Ltd.
Robert Dudley - Robert Dudley Agency
Robert Smith - Robert Smith Literary Agency Ltd
Danielle Matta - Robin Straus Agency, Inc.
Robin Straus - Robin Straus Agency, Inc.
Paul Rodeen - Rodeen Literary Management
Gill Coleridge - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Sam Copeland - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Natasha Fairweather - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Georgia Garrett - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Cara Jones - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Matthew Marland - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Peter Straus - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Matthew Turner - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Zoe Waldie - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Claire Wilson - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Jon Wood - Rogers, Coleridge & White
Kurestin Armada - Root Literary
Samantha Fabien - Root Literary
Melanie Figueroa - Root Literary
Taylor Haggerty - Root Literary
Alyssa Maltese - Root Literary
Molly O'Neill - Root Literary
Holly Root - Root Literary
Ethan Bassoff - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Dara Kaye - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Jenna Land Free - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Shannon O'Neill - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Gail Ross - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Jennifer Weis - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Howard Yoon - Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Amy Flynn - Rubin Pfeffer Content
Melissa Nasson - Rubin Pfeffer Content
Rubin Pfeffer - Rubin Pfeffer Content
Rupert Heath - Rupert Heath Literary Agency
Rachel Altemose - Salky Literary Management
Kate Garrick - Salky Literary Management
Eryn Kalavsky - Salky Literary Management
Jesseca Salky - Salky Literary Management
Erika Stevens - Salky Literary Management
Elise Capron - Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Sandra Dijkstra - Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Jennifer Kim - Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

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