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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Thao Le - Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Jill Marr - Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Jessica Watterson - Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Matthew Bialer - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Rachael Dillon Fried - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Abigail Frank - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Wendi Gu - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Faith Hamlin - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Iwalani Kim - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Heide Lange - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Daniel Mandel - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Ed Maxwell - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Sarah Phair - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Alex Reubert - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Alexander Slater - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Bailey Tamayo - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Madeline Wallace - Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Sarah Jane Freymann - Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
Katharine Sands - Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
Scott Treimel - Scott Treimel New York Agency
Ann Behar - Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.
Russell Galen - Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.
Kristopher O'Higgins - Scribe Agency
Sean McCarthy - Sean McCarthy Literary Agency
Christopher Schelling - Selectric Artists
Regina Brooks - Serendipity Literary Agency
Ameerah Holliday - Serendipity Literary Agency
Charles Kim - Serendipity Literary Agency
Christina Morgan - Serendipity Literary Agency
Kelly Thomas - Serendipity Literary Agency
Robert Mackwood - Seventh Avenue Literary Agency
Ian Drury - Sheil Land Associates Ltd
Sonia Land - Sheil Land Associates Ltd
Sheldon Fogelman - Sheldon Fogelman Agency
Amy Stern - Sheldon Fogelman Agency
Shelley Power - Shelley Power Literary Agency Ltd
Sheree Bykofsky - Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc.
Janet Rosen - Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc.
Gary Heidt - Signature Literary Agency
Max Sinsheimer - Sinsheimer Literary
Nat Sobel - Sobel Weber Associates
Judith Weber - Sobel Weber Associates
Bonnie Solow - Solow Literary Enterprises
Sophie Hicks - Sophie Hicks Agency
Sarah Williams - Sophie Hicks Agency
Justin Bell - Spectrum Literary Agency
Eleanor Wood - Spectrum Literary Agency
Saint Gibson - Speilburg Literary Agency
Sera Rivers - Speilburg Literary Agency
Eva Scalzo - Speilburg Literary Agency
Lindsey Smith - Speilburg Literary Agency
Alice Speilburg - Speilburg Literary Agency
Nalini Akolekar - Spencerhill Associates
Sandy Harding - Spencerhill Associates
Ali Herring - Spencerhill Associates
Amanda Leuck - Spencerhill Associates
Karen Solem - Spencerhill Associates
Pattie Steele-Perkins - Steele-Perkins Literary Agency
Colleen Martell - Stephanie Tade Agency
Ericka Phillips - Stephanie Tade Agency
Stephanie Tade - Stephanie Tade Agency
Maria Bell - Sterling Lord Literistic
Elizabeth Bewley - Sterling Lord Literistic
Philippa Brophy - Sterling Lord Literistic
Danielle Bukowski - Sterling Lord Literistic
Chris Combemale - Sterling Lord Literistic
Jessica Friedman - Sterling Lord Literistic
Robert Guinsler - Sterling Lord Literistic
Mary Krienke - Sterling Lord Literistic
Sarah Landis - Sterling Lord Literistic
Laurie Liss - Sterling Lord Literistic
Sterling Lord - Sterling Lord Literistic
Neeti Madan - Sterling Lord Literistic
Peter Matson - Sterling Lord Literistic
Jim Rutman - Sterling Lord Literistic
Jenny Stephens - Sterling Lord Literistic
Douglas Stewart - Sterling Lord Literistic
Jack Byrne - Sternig & Byrne
Megan Manzano - Steven Literary
Pam Pho - Steven Literary

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