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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Meg Wheeler - Westwood Creative Artists
Jackie Meyer - Whimsy Literary Agency LLC
William Jensen - William K Jensen Literary Agency
Susana Alvarez - William Morris Endeavor
Claudia Ballard - William Morris Endeavor
Mel Berger - William Morris Endeavor
Andrea Blatt - William Morris Endeavor
Tracy Fisher - William Morris Endeavor
Suzanne Gluck - William Morris Endeavor
Dorian Karchmar - William Morris Endeavor
Erin Malone - William Morris Endeavor
Jay Mandel - William Morris Endeavor
Andy McNicol - William Morris Endeavor
Margaret Riley King - William Morris Endeavor
Eric Simonoff - William Morris Endeavor
Sabrina Taitz - William Morris Endeavor
Robert Wilson - Wilson Media
William Clark - Wm Clark Associates
Rachel Crawford - Wolf Literary Services
Leigh Eisenman - Wolf Literary Services
Kate Johnson - Wolf Literary Services
Laura Southern - Wolf Literary Services
Kirsten Wolf - Wolf Literary Services
Amy Stapp - Wolfson Literary Agency
Michelle Wolfson - Wolfson Literary Agency
Keely Boeving - WordServe Literary Agency
Sarah Joy Freese - WordServe Literary Agency
Nick Harrison - WordServe Literary Agency
Greg Johnson - WordServe Literary Agency
Stephen Barr - Writers House
Amy Berkower - Writers House
Johanna Castillo - Writers House
Susan Cohen - Writers House
Dan Conaway - Writers House
Lindsay Davis Auld - Writers House
Lisa DiMona - Writers House
Victoria Doherty-Munro - Writers House
Rebecca Eskildsen - Writers House
Susan Ginsburg - Writers House
Susan Golomb - Writers House
Merrilee Heifetz - Writers House
Daniel Lazar - Writers House
Alexandra Levick - Writers House
Simon Lipskar - Writers House
Steven Malk - Writers House
Hannah Mann - Writers House
Beth Miller - Writers House
Andrea Morrison - Writers House
Jodi Reamer - Writers House
Robin Rue - Writers House
Alec Shane - Writers House
Rebecca Sherman - Writers House
Alexa Stark - Writers House
Stacy Testa - Writers House
Lynn Chu - Writers' Representatives
Glen Hartley - Writers' Representatives
Yfat Reiss Gendell - YRG Partners
John Berlyne - Zeno Literary Agency
Stevie Finegan - Zeno Literary Agency

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