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Eric Lupfer     @ Fletcher & Company
Erin McFadden     @ Fletcher & Company
Elizabeth Resnick     @ Fletcher & Company
Alyssa Taylor     @ Fletcher & Company
Jan Baumer     @ Folio Literary Management
Jamie Chambliss     @ Folio Literary Management
Sonali Chanchani     @ Folio Literary Management
Claudia Cross     @ Folio Literary Management
John Cusick     @ Folio Literary Management
Dado Derviskadic     @ Folio Literary Management
Rachel Ekstrom     @ Folio Literary Management
Michael Harriot     @ Folio Literary Management
Erin Harris     @ Folio Literary Management
Scott Hoffman     @ Folio Literary Management
Annie Hwang     @ Folio Literary Management
Jeff Kleinman     @ Folio Literary Management
Katherine Latshaw     @ Folio Literary Management
Erin Niumata     @ Folio Literary Management
Marcy Posner     @ Folio Literary Management
Melissa Sarver White     @ Folio Literary Management
Jeff Silberman     @ Folio Literary Management
Steve Troha     @ Folio Literary Management
Emily van Beek     @ Folio Literary Management
Frank Weimann     @ Folio Literary Management
Jessica Felleman     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Roger Freet     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Claire Harris     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Peter McGuigan     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Kirsten Neuhaus     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Chris Park     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Tanusri Prasanna     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Adriann Ranta Zurhellen     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Jessica Regel     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Yfat Reiss Gendell     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Peter Steinberg     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Chelsey Fox     @ Fox & Howard Literary Agency
Diana Fox     @ Fox Literary
Frances Collin     @ Frances Collin Literary Agency
Sarah Yake     @ Frances Collin Literary Agency
Caroline Eisenmann     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Ellen Geiger     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Frances Goldin     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Matt McGowan     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Sam Stoloff     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Lindsey Fraser     @ Fraser Ross Associates
Kathryn Ross     @ Fraser Ross Associates
MacKenzie Fraser-Bub     @ Fraser-Bub Literary
Fredrica Friedman     @ Fredrica S. Friedman & Co.
Matt Wagner     @ Fresh Books Literary Agency
Adriana Dominguez     @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Nicole Geiger     @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Lilly Ghahremani     @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Taylor Martindale Kean     @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Stefanie Sanchez Von Borstel     @ Full Circle Literary, LLC
Margaret Bail     @ Fuse Literary
Karly Caserza     @ Fuse Literary
Connor Goldsmith     @ Fuse Literary
Emily Keyes     @ Fuse Literary
Laurie McLean     @ Fuse Literary
Veronica Park     @ Fuse Literary
Michelle Richter     @ Fuse Literary
Tricia Skinner     @ Fuse Literary
Gordon Warnock     @ Fuse Literary
Carlisle Webber     @ Fuse Literary
Guy Rose     @ Futerman, Rose & Associates
Jeff Gerecke     @ G Agency, LLC
Linda Camacho     @ Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Erin Casey     @ Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Nancy Gallt     @ Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Sandra Jordan     @ Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Beth Phelan     @ Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Marietta Zacker     @ Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency
Penelope Burns     @ Gelfman Schneider
Jane Gelfman     @ Gelfman Schneider
Heather Mitchell     @ Gelfman Schneider
Deborah Schneider     @ Gelfman Schneider
Anne Borchardt     @ Georges Borchardt, Inc.
Georges Borchardt     @ Georges Borchardt, Inc.
Valerie Borchardt     @ Georges Borchardt, Inc.
Samantha Shea     @ Georges Borchardt, Inc.

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