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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Dara Hyde - Hill Nadell Literary Agency
Bonnie Nadell - Hill Nadell Literary Agency
Kate Richter - HLA Management
Lauren Miller Cilento - HMMG Pty Ltd
Bethany Fulk - Holloway Literary
Nikki Terpilowski - Holloway Literary
Pamela Hopkins - Hopkins Literary Associates
Kim-Mei Kirtland - Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
Kate McKean - Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
Howard Morhaim - Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
DongWon Song - Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
Erin Clyburn - Howland Literary
Victoria Dillman - Howland Literary
Zoe Aline Howard - Howland Literary
Carrie Howland - Howland Literary
Cassie Mannes Murray - Howland Literary
Amelia Atlas - ICM Partners
Katharine Cluverius - ICM Partners
Kristine Dahl - ICM Partners
Mitch Douglas - ICM Partners
Tina Dubois - ICM Partners
Sloan Harris - ICM Partners
Patrick Herold - ICM Partners
Tia Ikemoto - ICM Partners
Hillary Jacobson - ICM Partners
Jennifer Joel - ICM Partners
Kristyn Keene - ICM Partners
Esther Newberg - ICM Partners
Zoe Sandler - ICM Partners
Anna Stein - ICM Partners
Kari Stuart - ICM Partners
Amanda Urban - ICM Partners
Stephen Barbara - InkWell Management
William Callahan - InkWell Management
Michael Carlisle - InkWell Management
Catherine Drayton - InkWell Management
Naomi Eisenbeiss - InkWell Management
David Forrer - InkWell Management
Claire Friedman - InkWell Management
David Hale Smith - InkWell Management
Alexis Hurley - InkWell Management
Nathaniel Jacks - InkWell Management
George Lucas - InkWell Management
Jessica Mileo - InkWell Management
Michael Mungiello - InkWell Management
Charlie Olsen - InkWell Management
Gideon Pine - InkWell Management
Richard Pine - InkWell Management
Eliza Rothstein - InkWell Management
Kristin van Ogtrop - InkWell Management
Maria Whelan - InkWell Management
Kimberly Witherspoon - InkWell Management
Peter Riva - International Transactions
Margaret Danko - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Irene Goodman - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Pam Gruber - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Miriam Kriss - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Natalie Lakosil - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Victoria Marini - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Grace Milusich - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Lee O'Brien - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Kim Perel - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Barbara Poelle - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Whitney Ross - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Sydnie Thornton - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Jacques de Spoelberch - J de S Associates
Joshua Bilmes - JABberwocky Literary Agency
Brady McReynolds - JABberwocky Literary Agency
Lisa Rodgers - JABberwocky Literary Agency
Eddie Schneider - JABberwocky Literary Agency
Bridget Smith - JABberwocky Literary Agency
Susan Velazquez Colmant - JABberwocky Literary Agency
Jacinta di Mase - Jacinta di Mase Management
Jane Conway-Gordon - Jane Conway-Gordon Ltd
Jane Judd - Jane Judd Literary Agency
Andrea Cirillo - Jane Rotrosen Agency
Jessica Errera - Jane Rotrosen Agency
Logan Harper - Jane Rotrosen Agency
Christina Hogrebe - Jane Rotrosen Agency
Annelise Robey - Jane Rotrosen Agency

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