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Richard Abate     @ 3 Arts Entertainment
Cori Deyoe     @ 3 Seas Literary Agency
Michelle Grajkowski     @ 3 Seas Literary Agency
Linda Scalissi     @ 3 Seas Literary Agency
A & B Personal Management Ltd
Amy Jameson     @ A + B Works
A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd
Euan Thorneycroft     @ A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd
A.P. Watt Ltd
Josh Adams     @ Adams Literary
Tracey Adams     @ Adams Literary
David Vigliano     @ AGI-Vigliano Literary
Clare Alexander     @ Aitken Alexander Associates
Matthew Hamilton     @ Aitken Alexander Associates
Alan Brodie Representation Ltd
Albert LaFarge     @ Albert LaFarge Literary Agency
Albert Longden     @ Albert T. Longden Agency
Alex Adsett     @ Alex Adsett Publishing Services
Alexandra Nye, Writers & Agents
Rick Christian     @ Alive Communications
Lee Hough     @ Alive Communications
Joel Kneedler     @ Alive Communications
Marilyn Allen     @ Allen O'Shea Literary Agency LLC
Coleen O'Shea     @ Allen O'Shea Literary Agency LLC
Amy Moore-Benson     @ AMB Literary Management
Kathleen Anderson     @ Anderson Literary Management, LLC
Andrea Brown     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Jennifer Laughran     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Jennifer Mattson     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Lara Perkins     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Laura Rennert     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Jennifer Rofe     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Kathleen Rushall     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Kelly Sonnack     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Jamie Weiss Chilton     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Caryn Wiseman     @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Amberly Finarelli     @ Andrea Hurst Literary Management
Andrea Hurst     @ Andrea Hurst Literary Management
Katie Reed     @ Andrea Hurst Literary Management
David Haviland     @ Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
Andrew Lownie     @ Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
Andrew Mann Ltd
Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd
Andy Ross     @ Andy Ross Literary Agency
Andree Abecassis     @ Ann Elmo Agency, Inc.
Lettie Lee     @ Ann Elmo Agency, Inc.
Ann Rittenberg     @ Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency
Ann Tobias     @ Ann Tobias Literary Agency
Anne Clark     @ Anne Clark Literary Agency
Anne Edelstein     @ Anne Edelstein Literary Agency
Chris Bucci     @ Anne McDermid and Associates
Anne McDermid     @ Anne McDermid and Associates
Monica Pacheco     @ Anne McDermid and Associates
Martha Webb     @ Anne McDermid and Associates
Annette Green Authors' Agency
Anthony Sheil
Antony Harwood     @ Antony Harwood Limited
Antony Harwood Ltd
Steve Calcutt     @ Anubis Literary Agency
Georgia Garrett     @ AP Watt Ltd
Natalia Aponte     @ Aponte Literary Agency
Victoria Lea     @ Aponte Literary Agency
April Eberhardt     @ April Eberhardt Literary
Nicole Aragi     @ Aragi Agency
Victoria Pryor     @ Arcadia Literary Agency
Arthur Greene     @ Arthur Greene & Co.
Ashley Grayson     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Carolyn Grayson     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Jennifer Wang     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Lois Winston     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Associated Publicity Holdings Ltd
Audrey Wolf     @ Audrey A. Wolf Literary Agency
Lyn Tranter     @ Australian Literary Management
Author Literary Agents
Ayesha Pande     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Anjali Singh     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Michael Burke     @ Barbara Bova Literary Agency
Barbara Braun     @ Barbara Braun Associates, Inc.
Barbara Hogenson     @ Barbara Hogenson Agency
Barbara Levy Literary Agency

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