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Robert Gottlieb     @ Trident Media Group, LLC
Ellen Levine     @ Trident Media Group, LLC
Scott Miller     @ Trident Media Group, LLC
Erica Spellman-Silverman     @ Trident Media Group, LLC
Daniel Strone     @ Trident Media Group, LLC
Nicole Tugeau     @ Tugeau 2, Inc.
Peter McGuigan     @ Ultra Literary
Kirsten Neuhaus     @ Ultra Literary
Christina Clifford     @ Union Literary
Jenni Ferrari-Adler     @ Union Literary
Trena Keating     @ Union Literary
Sally Wofford-Girand     @ Union Literary
Seren Adams     @ United Agents, LLP
Caroline Dawnay     @ United Agents, LLP
Jodie Hodges     @ United Agents, LLP
Millie Hoskins     @ United Agents, LLP
Eli Keren     @ United Agents, LLP
Robert Kirby     @ United Agents, LLP
Emily Talbot     @ United Agents, LLP
Kate Walsh     @ United Agents, LLP
Anna Webber     @ United Agents, LLP
Brandi Bowles     @ United Talent Agency
Lily Dolin     @ United Talent Agency
Ariele Fredman     @ United Talent Agency
Byrd Leavell     @ United Talent Agency
Albert Lee     @ United Talent Agency
Dan Milaschewski     @ United Talent Agency
Meredith Miller     @ United Talent Agency
Pilar Queen     @ United Talent Agency
Sasha Raskin     @ United Talent Agency
Danielle Chiotti     @ Upstart Crow Literary
Kayla Cichello     @ Upstart Crow Literary
Susan Hawk     @ Upstart Crow Literary
Ted Malawer     @ Upstart Crow Literary
Alexandra Penfold     @ Upstart Crow Literary
Michael Stearns     @ Upstart Crow Literary
Valerie Hoskins     @ Valerie Hoskins Associates
Sally Van Haitsma     @ Van Haitsma Literary
Katherine Boyle     @ Veritas Literary Agency
Michael Carr     @ Veritas Literary Agency
Samuel Pinkus     @ Veritas Media, Inc.
Reeves Hamilton     @ Vertical Ink Agency
Nick Mullendore     @ Vertical Ink Agency
Noah Ballard     @ Verve Talent & Literary
Liz Parker     @ Verve Talent & Literary
Vicky Bijur     @ Vicky Bijur Literary Agency
Bernadette Baker-Baughman     @ Victoria Sanders & Associates
Victoria Sanders     @ Victoria Sanders & Associates
Robin Wade     @ Wade & Co Literary Agency
Elizabeth Wales     @ Wales Literary Agency
Gloria Loomis     @ Watkins Loomis Agency, Inc.
Julia Masnik     @ Watkins Loomis Agency, Inc.
Megan Carroll     @ Watson, Little Ltd
Mandy Little     @ Watson, Little Ltd
Laetitia Rutherford     @ Watson, Little Ltd
James Wills     @ Watson, Little Ltd
Donald Winchester     @ Watson, Little Ltd
Susan Canavan     @ Waxman Literary Agency
Ashley Lopez     @ Waxman Literary Agency
Scott Waxman     @ Waxman Literary Agency
Wendy Schmalz     @ Wendy Schmalz Agency
Callie Deitrick     @ Wendy Sherman Associates
Cherise Fisher     @ Wendy Sherman Associates
Laura Mazer     @ Wendy Sherman Associates
Wendy Sherman     @ Wendy Sherman Associates
Shannon Gallagher     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Emily Mitchell     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Linda Pratt     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Marcia Wernick     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Chris Casuccio     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Sara Harowitz     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Jackie Kaiser     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Michael Levine     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Hilary McMahon     @ Westwood Creative Artists
John Pearce     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Bruce Westwood     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Meg Wheeler     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Jackie Meyer     @ Whimsy Literary Agency LLC
William Jensen     @ William K Jensen Literary Agency
Claudia Ballard     @ William Morris Endeavor

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