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Eric Glass Ltd
Tricia Lawrence     @ Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Erin Murphy     @ Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Ammi-Joan Paquette     @ Erin Murphy Literary Agency
Ethan Ellenberg     @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Evan Gregory     @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Bibi Lewis     @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Evan Marshall     @ Evan Marshall Agency
Eve White
Sorche Fairbank     @ Fairbank Literary Representation
Faith Hampton Childs     @ Faith Childs Literary Agency, Inc.
Faith Evans Associates
Mark Falkin     @ Falkin Literary
Felicia Eth     @ Felicia Eth Literary Representation
Felicity Bryan     @ Felicity Bryan Literary Agency
Catherine Clarke     @ Felicity Bryan Literary Agency
Sally Holloway     @ Felicity Bryan Literary Agency
Caroline Wood     @ Felicity Bryan Literary Agency
Felix De Wolfe
Ivy Fischer Stone     @ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
Carolyn French     @ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
Carmen La Via     @ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
Kevin McShane     @ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
Laura Paperny     @ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
Peter Sawyer     @ Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc.
Film Rights Ltd
Susan Finesman     @ Fine Literary
Lauren Bieker     @ FinePrint Literary Management
June Clark     @ FinePrint Literary Management
Peter Rubie     @ FinePrint Literary Management
Laura Wood     @ FinePrint Literary Management
Nadia Cornier     @ Firebrand Literary
Jennifer Flannery     @ Flannery Literary
Melissa Chinchillo     @ Fletcher & Company
Christy Fletcher     @ Fletcher & Company
Grainne Fox     @ Fletcher & Company
Sarah Fuentes     @ Fletcher & Company
Veronica Goldstein     @ Fletcher & Company
Rebecca Gradinger     @ Fletcher & Company
Sylvie Greenberg     @ Fletcher & Company
Lisa Grubka     @ Fletcher & Company
Don Lamm     @ Fletcher & Company
Eric Lupfer     @ Fletcher & Company
Jamie Chambliss     @ Folio Literary Management
Claudia Cross     @ Folio Literary Management
John Cusick     @ Folio Literary Management
Dado Derviskadic     @ Folio Literary Management
Michael Harriot     @ Folio Literary Management
Erin Harris     @ Folio Literary Management
Scott Hoffman     @ Folio Literary Management
Annie Hwang     @ Folio Literary Management
Molly Jaffa     @ Folio Literary Management
Jeff Kleinman     @ Folio Literary Management
Katherine Latshaw     @ Folio Literary Management
Erin Niumata     @ Folio Literary Management
Marcy Posner     @ Folio Literary Management
Melissa Sarver White     @ Folio Literary Management
Jeff Silberman     @ Folio Literary Management
Steve Troha     @ Folio Literary Management
Emily van Beek     @ Folio Literary Management
Frank Weimann     @ Folio Literary Management
Brandi Bowles     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Hannah Brown Gordon     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Anthony Mattero     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Peter McGuigan     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Sam Morgan     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Kirsten Neuhaus     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Chris Park     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Tanusri Prasanna     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Adriann Ranta Zurhellen     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Jessica Regel     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Yfat Reiss Gendell     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Peter Steinberg     @ Foundry Literary + Media
Fox & Howard Literary Agency
Diana Fox     @ Fox Literary
Frances Collin     @ Frances Collin Literary Agency
Sarah Yake     @ Frances Collin Literary Agency
Ellen Geiger     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Frances Goldin     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency
Matt McGowan     @ Frances Goldin Literary Agency

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